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Children & Animals: 5 Reasons You Should Get Your Child A Pet


Children and Pets – Mutually beneficial!

There are lots of things to think about when your child (or children) reach that age to start asking for a pet. If you’re not one of those families that raised your children alongside a loved family animal,  it may be a hard decision. There is a lot to think about. It’s good to take into consideration if a child is old enough to start learning the responsibilities that come with owning a pet. Most children think of the fun involved. It is the parent’s responsibility to show their kids that the fun is the result of responsible and considerate pet ownership. Here are 5 more reasons alongside responsibility, that children should be raised with pets!

5 Reasons Children Should Be Raised With Pets

  1. Pet ownership is a great tool to teach your child about empathy, sharing and respecting other creature’s space. It’s especially great for only children because it can help them form bonds similar to that shared with siblings. It can also boost their social development.
  2. Having a pet encourages your child to be more active. This helps them stay fit and get lots of fresh air. Whether it’s playing fetch, swimming or going for walks, anything that makes your child enjoy physical activity is a great health boost!
  3. It helps with loneliness. Especially when parents may be working overtime or any other life situations that cause children to spend more time solo. Having a pet for company helps keep them on a socially interactive level. Two out of five children will seek out their pet when they are upset by something.
  4. Interacting with a pet can help lower stress and anxiety. Homework and peer pressures can lead to a lot of unpleasant side effects. Children who spend time with pets have a better ability to conquer these issues and feel confident.  Children who struggle with reading benefit greatly from having a pet to read to. A better reading performance can diminish educational anxiety.
  5. Children raised with pets exhibit less allergies as adults than those who aren’t. They also get sick less frequently and tend to miss fewer days of school than children raised without.

We encourage parent’s everywhere to do a lot of research and homework before bringing home a pet for their child. Also to take it as an opportunity to interact with your child and prepare them for the responsibility of pet ownership. Watching children grow with their pets can be a very rewarding experience!

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