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The Best, Most Caring Pet Nannies

Pet Nanny is dedicated to employing only the best, most caring and qualified pet lovers around. We run each sitter through an extensive screening.

How do we hire our Pet Nannies?

All of our Pet Sitters go through a very thorough screening, vetting, and training process before they earn a spot on our team. We require stellar references, a clean background check, pet first aid certification, and that our sitters complete a two-part orientation process before they receive their first solo assignment. We only work with the best people and hold them to a very high standard! My hiring philosophy is: We can never be too thorough and YOU and your pets can never be too happy!

Pet Nanny is dedicated to employing only the best, most caring and qualified pet lovers around. We run each sitter through an extensive screening.

Alex M

 Pet First Aid Certified

Hi! My name is Alex, I am 23 years old, a college graduate and born & raised in the Philly-suburb area. I have been pet sitting since I was 15 years old and will be sure to treat your pet with the love and attention he/she deserves. I am excited to meet you and your pet(s) soon!

Anthony F

 Pet First Aid Certified

Hi! My name is Anthony I am 27 years old, a college graduate, a musician and a die-hard animal lover. I live in Penn Valley with my parents, sister and our gorgeous rottweiler Gracie (my favorite sister). I have been pet sitting for neighbors and family friends since I was just a kid and love my job with Pet Nanny as I love caring for animals. I'll be sure to treat your pets like my own and keep you updated on all the fun we're having.

Caitlin G

 Pet First Aid Certified

Catie grew up in the country of upstate NY with all sorts of domestic
and farm animals. She has been working in the Philly area as a dog
walker and personal trainer for the last 8yrs. She has an extremely
compassionate, energetic yet patient demeanor. She loves spending her
afternoons outside with all sorts of four legged buddies. She works
with the owners on any new tricks they are teaching along with
feedings and medications when necessary as well. You can rest easy
while away from your home knowing your dog is in excellent hands when they are out cruising the town with Catie!

Cathy G

 Pet First Aid Certified

Cathy joined the Pet Nanny team in October of 2012 and has received glowing reviews from 100's of our Pet Nanny clients. She truly goes above and beyond to make her clients happy. Cathy lives in Wayne with her husband and two sons. As a life long pet lover she has adopted everything from fish to dogs. Originally from Detroit, she's lived in Connecticut, Virginia and Maryland. She's a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 3. Cathy loves to be outdoors and spends many weekends camping. She attended Montomery College in Maryland and University of Phoenix. With 30 years of corporate experience, she is now enjoying a more fun and relaxing time with Pet Nanny.

Chris M

 Pet First Aid Certified

Hi! My name is Chris. I am 27 years old and can't remember a time in my life that there hasn't been animals to be a part of it. To me, animals are the same as children. I even tell people that Willow is my daughter, for all intents and purposes. Besides spending time with my furry children, I enjoy reading, playing video games or curling up and binge watching shows on Netflix or Hulu. I promise to keep you up to date about your loved ones and to care for them as if they were mine. I look forward to the day we meet!

Courtney F

 Pet First Aid Certified

Courtney lives in Conshohocken with her fiancé and her pit/shepherd mix, Charlie. Her pup is a very energetic one who loves (and constantly begs for) attention, so she is well-prepared to care for and give your animals all the love and attention that you do when you're home! She graduated from West Chester University with a major in Psychology and currently works for a managed care company in the Behavioral Health field. Courtney is very much looking forward to meeting you and your pets!

Donna R

 Pet First Aid Certified

Donna lives in Media and has raised two crazy liver Dalmatians as well as cared for many family and friends' pets over the years. In addition, Donna and her pups took many obedience and agility classes, which helps her understand and manage a wide variety of behaviors. Over the years, she has personally relied on both daily and overnight pet sitters for work and travel so that her girls could remain stress free at home. She knows the high level of customer service she desired as a client and incorporates that into her work with your pets.

Erick H

 Pet First Aid Certified

Erick Howard has over 10 years experience serving Pet and Home Owners here on the Main Line, priding himself on offering superior customer service. He lives in Ardmore and his family has resided in the area for over a century. He previously operated a Residential/Home service business where he served his customers successfully making them feel safe that their homes and pets were well taken care of. He has since moved on to other professional endeavors and has joined Pet Nanny hoping to be an asset and assist you in giving your pets the love and attention they deserve while you are away at work or on travels. Communication is very important and you can feel free to reach out to him to solve any concerns or requests you may have.

Fiona M

 Pet First Aid Certified

Hi! My name is Fiona and I am a current college student living in Devon, PA. I grew up with two, very sweet golden retrievers. Whether the time was spent walking, running, or playing catch, there was always such a close bond I shared with them. With over seven years of pet sitting experience, I am looking forward to continuing caring for all animals. I can guarantee I will professionally and genuinely look after your pet.

Jacquelyn G

 Pet First Aid Certified

Jackie lives in Wayne, where she was born and raised, with her family, two 9 year old indoor/outdoor cats (Mike Tyson & Tiger Woods) and the queen Peanut who is a 13 year old chihuahua rat terrier mix. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a business degree and is currently a full-time happy enthusiast and caretaker of fur babies. Jackie has had pets since she was very young and has experience with all dog and cat breeds, including special needs pets. She is a positive, dedicated animal lover who is ready to meet new fuzzy pals!

John M

 Pet First Aid Certified

My name is John Maniscalco I live, in the West Chester area and I am married with two college age children. I have over 30 years of experience carrying for my own dogs and friends and family friends. I would love take care of your dog while you are away from home. I look forward to meeting you and your pets.

Keith G

 Pet First Aid Certified

Keith lives in Radnor Township with his wife Cathy, and their cat Coal. Keith grew up on a farm in southern Virginia and has been a lifelong animal lover. Keith and his wife relocated to Pennsylvania from the Washington DC area in 1998 and have raised 3 children and now have 3 grandchildren. Keith is looking forward to meeting and caring for your pets.

Lindsay B

 Pet First Aid Certified

Lindsay, a graduate of West Chester University, lives in Wayne with his wonderful wife, spoiled Doberman/Beagle mix Gus, and very vocal tabby cat Tortuga. He has experience caring for many different dog breeds, as he has been pet sitting for friends and family for many years. He feels very blessed that he grew up with parents that allowed him to take in stray cats throughout his childhood. He has continued to adopt animals throughout the years, including a 12 year old diabetic cat named Paul. He was up to 2 dogs and 2 cats for many years. He looks forward to caring for your furry (or not so furry) family member while you are away.

Lindsay E

 Pet First Aid Certified

Lindsay is a student at Tufts University studying Cognitive Brain Sciences and Spanish! She lives in Berwyn with her 2 dogs, Bella and Missy. Bella is a 3-year-old Golden Retriever and Missy is a 10-year-old Brittany Spaniel. Lindsay loves to be busy and active, as she plays lacrosse at Tufts. She looks forward to meeting you and your pets and giving your pets the love and attention they deserve!

Lisa S

 Pet First Aid Certified

Lisa joined the Pet Nanny team in 2008. She first served as our manager for 3 years but has now moved into the role of pet sitter. Lisa lives in Malvern with her husband, two children and a kitty. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in French. She is a recent transplant from the Washington DC area where she owned a pet sitting business. With more than 15 years of pet sitting industry experience, she knows your pets are family and gives each client the care and attention they deserve! Lisa hopes to spend lots of quality time caring for your furry friends!

Lisa H

 Pet First Aid Certified

Lisa lives in Bryn Mawr with her two cats, Pumpkin and Lacey. Lisa has provided pet care for neighbors, friends and family for many years. Lisa is an Account Manager with a Philadelphia based company, InstaMed (Healthcare Payments Simplified) and has been in the Payment Solution department for many years servicing top tier clients. Lisa understands the importance of exceptional customer service and she looks forward to extending this level of professionalism to you and your furry pals.

Lynn B

 Pet First Aid Certified

Lynn lives in Broomall near her two grown children and toddler grandson. She has been pet sitting for over 13 years and has enjoyed caring for almost all dog breeds and up to 17 cats at a time! She has taught a course in pet sitting through the Main Line School Night and has been a member of several pet sitting groups over the years.

Lynn C

 Pet First Aid Certified

Hi! My name is Lynne and I live in King of Prussia with my husband, three children and our yellow lab mix Eloise. Eloise is a rescue and has been a part of our family for about seven years. I've always been an animal lover and can't imagine a home without them. Before working for Pet Nanny, I was a Social Worker and have my Master's degree from Temple. When our second child was born, I left full-time employment to be a full-time mom. Working for Pet Nanny is the perfect job for a busy mom. I love the outdoors, long walks and most of all spending time with your beloved pets.

Marianne S

 Pet First Aid Certified

Mariann lives in West Chester with her mother, her sweet rescue shepherd-lab Dakota and her sassy cockatiel Louie. She also has a very cute granddoggie—a Corgi named Westley, who lives in Boston with her daughter Jessica. She has loved and cared for a number of pets through the years—her friends' and neighbors' as well as her own—including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, and a gerbil. She has loved animals since she was a small child and will take care of your pets as if they were her own. Mariann grew up in Malvern and went to Bryn Mawr College, where she received a BA in French. After earning an MA in Art History at the University of Michigan she moved to Buffalo to work in the Education Department of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, where she served for 26 years. Her hobbies include horseback riding, travel, reading, playing bridge, visiting museums, and going to movies.

Matt C

 Pet First Aid Certified

Hello, my name is Matt and I am a recent college graduate from the University of Hartford. I have earned my degree in marketing with a minor in communication. Currently, I am able to do what I love and that is to write about sports and interact with animals. I am a part time baseball writer and a full time animal lover. I have had dogs my entire life and each dog has become a member of my family. My dog Trey is a one year old who loves to play and needs attention constantly when people are home. I will give the same attention to your animal as I would give as if the pet was my own. I look forward to talking with you and very much look forward to interacting with your pet.

Monica B

 Pet First Aid Certified

I have always been an animal lover and I love to keep busy. Pet Sitting is my ideal combination!! Our family currently has a dog named Ollie, he was a rescue and has been part of our family for the past 6 years. I have cared for a wide range of pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, lizards etc. I have a special place in my heart for animals and give them the most love and compassion possible. I am very responsible, reliable and trustworthy. I look forward to meeting you and your adored pets!

Paul H

 Pet First Aid Certified

My name is Paul, may I start by saying that some of my most valued friendships have been with my pets and the pets of others that I have met along the way.

I have lived in the Bryn Mawr, Pa area for over the past thirty years.

Most of my working career has been in the mental health field supporting folks find their way in our world that can be very challenging on our best days.

I have had pets most of my life and also have experience working with dairy cows on a farm located in central Pennsylvania. Aside from the daily glamorous life of a farmer this meant supporting the cattle when they were not up to par and working with veterinarians on many occasions to bring the animals back to health.

For those of you who might like chocolate we sold some of our milk to the Hershey Company.

I am currently available to be there to support you and your pets when you might be working or on a vacation.

If you feel that you might like to meet to set up an appointment please get in touch with the Pet Nanny office.

Rachel D

 Pet First Aid Certified

Hi my name is Rachel, I am 26 years old and a college student at Rosemont College. When I was born my parents also got us a dog named Molly, I got to grow up with her which started my love for animals. Since than I have had several pets and have in recent years rescued senior dogs to give them a happy end to their lives.I can't wait to spend time with your furry family members. I will treat your pets as my own and keep you up to date on how they are doing.

Ravi P

 Pet First Aid Certified

I'm Ravi, a Drexel University grad residing in Ardmore. My experience in retail and quality control allow me to provide the best customer service for my clients. My family in Reading, PA adopted an adult Jack Russell Terrier in 2014 and it has been nothing short of a rewarding experience. Although I haven't been a professional pet sitter until recently, I have provided pet care services for friends and family throughout my life. I understand the importance of providing quality service and will work safely as well as smartly so that you have peace of mind. I look forward to meeting you and your pets!

Sean H

 Pet First Aid Certified

Hello all, my name is Sean. I am a 27 year old student at Arizona State University and plan to graduate in the spring of 2019. I have been living with dogs for as long as I can remember and have always considered them to be part of the family. I currently have two dogs of my own, a 4 month old border collie poodle mix and an 11 year old cockapoo. I promise to take care of your animals with the same love and respect I give my own dogs while keeping you updated on their well-being. I look forward to caring for your animal family members.

Shanda F

 Pet First Aid Certified

Shanda is so excited to meet all of you and to care for your pets! Shanda moved here 10 years ago from Indiana and is currently living with her Fiancé in Chesterbrook. She works full-time at a local finance company. Shanda brought her love for animals with her to PA and is looking forward to meeting your pets!

Sharyn G

 Pet First Aid Certified

Hi, I'm Sharyn. I'm originally from Delaware County. I've always loved animals, especially dogs. I grew up with a Beagle named Corky. The past few years I have been pet-sitting for friends and neighbors and that's what prompted me to make a career out of pet-nannying. In my free-time, I volunteer at a pet-shelter, where I clean out crates and care for the animals. I love playing with dogs. I love their energy, their smiles and putting their wagging tails in motion. I know how dogs are basically family members and giving them the proper care and love is vital for any pet sitter. I always make sure I give the best care to your pet and to your home during my visits.

Susan H

 Pet First Aid Certified

Susan lives in Plymouth Meeting with her husband Jerry, daughter Jenna and son Shane. She also has an 11 year old dog named Balto who is a Border Collie-Akita mix and Mia her 3 year old kitty. For over 25 years Susan has been involved with mandated environmental compliance programs required for fuel dispensing facilities and enjoyed helping make a difference in our environment. She has always had a special place in her heart for animals and feels working with Pet Nanny gives her an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of local animals and their owners. As the Client Happiness Manager, Susan looks forward to managing your pet care needs with our awesome Pet Nanny Team and giving you peace of mind that you furry pals are cared for by the very best!

Sydrea Q

 Pet First Aid Certified

Sydrea has been living in Bryn Mawr for the past 15 years with her two cats, Kalimae and Dr. Bob. She moved from West Texas in 2001, travelling 1842 miles to Pennsylvania. Sydrea has enjoyed a variety of animals since birth, ranging from gerbils to farm animals. She brings a vast knowledge of animal care and understanding to you and your four-legged family members. Sydrea has patience, love and a caring attitude which she will share with all of you.

Tamara W

 Pet First Aid Certified

Hi there! My name is Tamara.

I am a lifelong Delaware County resident. I have lived in Rutledge, Swarthmore, Ridley Park. I currently reside in Havertown. Growing up we had many animals in our home such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, small and large dogs, and cats. I live with my fiancé, my Belgian Malinois Evel Knievel, my German Shepherd Krieger and our two cats Lulu and Cosmo. I look forward to meeting you and taking wonderful care of your animal family!

Tami S

 Pet First Aid Certified

Tami and her husband are longtime residents of Malvern, along with two 13 year old rescue cats, Fred and Wilma. She loves all types of animals, she grew up with poodles in the house and secretly fed the stray cats in the neighborhood, much to her parent's dismay. Prior to Fred and Wilma, they shared their home with a wonderful cat, Natasha, who lived to the ripe old age of 24. She's employed full time in the publishing/advertising/marketing industry and is looking forward to caring for your pets.

Terrie M

 Pet First Aid Certified

Terrie Mpala is originally from Africa and now lives in Malvern. She is studying to get her MBA at Eastern University. She has worked professionally with pets for a couple of years and thoroughly enjoys how each one is unique with their own special personalities. Terrie grew up around pets in Africa. One of the most interesting pets she cared for was a water monitor which is a smaller version of a Komodo dragon! Terrie very much looks forward to meeting you and your pets.

We take pride in making your pets' well being a priority while you are away from home.

"Carol was very loving and attentive to Chance and Nina. She went out of her way to stay in touch and respond to communications while we were gone. She was cheerfully accommodating when we changed plans for our return date. We are completely satisfied with your service and will be using you again."

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