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Why Choose Pet Nanny?

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Welcome to the new Pet Nanny blog where we will share deals, coupons, special events, giveaways and educational articles for all of the Pet Lovers of the Main Line. If you are currently looking for a pet care service, we are the premier pet sitting service of the Main Line. You can view a few of our customer testimonials or give us a call at 610-716-7826. Here are the Top 10 Reasons You Should Choose Pet Nanny.

1) Peace of Mind: Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your pets and your home are in the best possible hands. You will leave your home confident that your pet is receiving the love, attention and exercise that they deserve.

2) Experience and Educational Development: Our experience and knowledge allows us to better understand your pet’s needs and how to best interact with them. Pet Nanny strongly believes in continual education and constant renewal of knowledge. As such, we are always updating our knowledge of animal behavior and animal care.

3) Safety: Pet Nanny offers one-on-one care. We do not do pack walks. Additionally, all of our sitters are residents of The Main Line, so if an emergency were to arise, someone is close by. We also do not use car decals for advertising purposes, which may alert people to your absence. The safety of your pets and your home is our first priority.

4) Reasonable and Competitive Rates: Pet Nanny understands that owning and taking care of your pets is a big investment. That is why we make our services affordable and competitive.

5) Customized Services: We realize that no two homes or two pets are exactly alike, so we offer a wide variety of services to precisely fit your needs. You will tailor your own pet care plan. We offer an estimate of all charges before our registration meeting.

6) Convenience: Our mission is to make your life easier. You will have the ability to re-book service using our state of the art, on-line booking system.

7) Professionalism: Pet Nanny is a professional pet care company in Pennsylvania. We are bonded and insured. We are members of Pet Sitters International, The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

8 ) Communication: Pet Nanny understands the value of open communication. You can reach the office between the hours of 9am & 4pm, or leave a message 24 hours a day. You can reach me via email 24 hours per day. Additionally, our sitters leave detailed diaries at each visit, and can also leave “pet memo’s” on your on-line account, so you know how much fun your pet has had while you were gone. We also publish a bi-monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on all business matters as well as provide you with educational articles about pet care.

9) First Rate Staff: We’re extremely selective about the pet sitters that we choose to contract. I run full background checks on every contractor. I guarantee that you will be provided with friendly, responsible and professional pet lovers.

10) Genuine Love of Animals: Pet Nanny was founded on my passion for animals. All of us at Pet Nanny make it our priority to provide your pets with as much love and attention as you would. Our goal is to promote your pet’s health and well-being.

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