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Wedding Bells & Furry Tails – Including Your Dog!

With everything in bloom and the beautiful weather, late Spring and early Summer are peak season for outdoor weddings! Pet-friendly venues give an opportunity for the wedding party and guests to include their furry companions. The hustle and bustle of the big day can make it easy to overlook some considerations if you intend on having your dog in (or attending) your wedding. Read through these tips to make it a great day for you AND your pet!

Wedding Tips for Dogs

  • Consider the outfit – Not yours silly, your dogs! Whether it’s an actual outfit or just a festive collar its super important to make sure that your pet is comfortable. You don’t want to wait till the wedding day to find out that they hate it and tear and pull at it constantly. Pick something that fits them well and isn’t too hot, then have them wear it around the house in the days leading up to the event. This will help them feel comfortable and prevent and “faux paws”.
  • Have a Pet Nanny – Make sure that you have either hired or that someone in your wedding party is acting as the “Pet Nanny”. You’re going to be far too busy and distracted to keep up with your pet and make sure they are taken care of. Someone will need to dress them, pick up after them, and make sure they are fed and watered!
  • Keep them in their comfort zone – If your pet is anti-social, has anxiety, can be territorial reconsider including them. A wedding is often an occasion of high activity, with lots of loud and unfamiliar sounds and faces. If your pet isn’t a social butterfly, think twice before subjecting them to so much stimulation.
  • Know the dangers – Be sure to keep your pet out of the reception area where they may end up snacking on dropped foods. Keep your pets safety in mind when choosing your flowers and decorations as some plants are poisonous and some decorations can be choking hazards, if you got yourself a chewer!
  • Be mindful of guests – Make it known that your pooch will be part of the wedding party. Some guests with allergies may need to make special arrangments.

photo credit: Novios y su mascota via photopin (license)

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