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Valentine’s Day – How Your Pet Shows Their Love

Valentine’s Day is just under a month away! What better way to spend the holiday than with a furry friend who offers unconditional love? Whether single or attached, don’t overlook your pet this year! Be sure to appreciate the many ways our pets show they love us this Valentine’s Day – and year round!

Signs of Pet Love this Valentine’s Day


Valentine's Day Pet Love!
Valentine’s Day Pet Love!

Gifts – While you may enjoy that yummy box of chocolates your partner got you for Valentine’s Day, its the thought that counts right? Don’t overlook the affection behind the many “gifts” your cat may bring you year-round. A lizard, mouse, or other small creature is your cat’s way of showing they’ve been thinking about you. Dogs will also show affection by bringing you their most prized toy.

Welcome Home! – Dogs, cats, rabbits, and many other pets know the sound of your vehicle pulling up or your key in the door! It would be hard for any human to match the excitement a pet can show when you walk through the door! Leaping into your arms, slobbering all over your face, or binkies!

Adorable Body Language – Sure your pet may wag their tail at a friendly mailman or purr when anybody takes the time to sit down and offer some petting, but some body language is saved just for you! Dogs will often lean against you as a sign of companionship and act protective of you or your things. Cats may let just anyone pet them, but getting a good grooming is usually saved for their number one human. Same with rabbits!

The Head Butt – Cats are known for rubbing themselves around your legs but the head butt is a special sign of affection. Rabbits do a similar technique with their noses. While a bunny nose bump can sometimes be a bossy demand for something, it’s also frequently an acknowledgement and show of respect and companionship!

Attached At The Hip – When your pet loves you they want to be where ever you are. Even if you’re not interacting with them, they like to know that you are near. If your pet frequently follows you from room to room and likes to nap near you, it’s a sign of love.

The Dance – Just about every pet has a personality specific happy dance. Some may be modest like flicks of a tail coupled with a purring meow to down right exhibitionists like a pooch bouncing on their hind legs or a bunny circling you with binkies!

When a pet loves you they just can’t help but show it! Don’t play coy! This Valentine’s Day (and every day!) show your pet that their love is reciprocated in the most unashamed fashion you can muster!
photo credit: Valentine Pug via photopin (license)

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