Traveling With Your Pet: A Guide For Your Adventure

As the days countdown to summer breaks ending, families and college students across America are struggling to get in those last minute trips. Where does that leave the beloved pets of American families? Hopefully right by their owners side on the adventures! If you’re headed out on vacation, there’s no reason to leave your pet at home! Follow our guide below and spare you and your furry companion the separation anxiety!

Tips for Traveling With Your Pets

  • Invest in a quality pet carrier. ¬†Just like you might invest in quality luggage, don’t skimp on a pet carrier! It’s you’re pets version of a car. If you’re going to be confined to a small space while traveling, you want it to be as comfortable as it can be! Make sure there is plenty of ventilation and plenty of room. A properly sized pet carrier will allow your pet to stand fully, turn around and lay down comfortably.
  • Let your pet stretch when you stretch. Look for rest stops with parks or grassy areas so that you can take your pet out for a walk every couple hours. This lets them stretch their legs and gives them an opportunity to use the bathroom. Traveling with a cat, rabbit or other small pet? Don’t be shy about breaking out the leash!
  • Make sure the pet carrier is secured. Use your vehicles spare seat belts and/or pillows to secure the pet carrier so that it is not at risk for sliding or flipping.

  • If you have a small animal, invest in a no-drip water bottle that can be secured to the cage door. If you have a large pet, be certain to offer them water in a bowl at each stop.
  • Dole out food sparingly. Make sure your pet has a good breakfast a couple hours before you embark on your journey. Once traveling, it’s best not to feed them until you’ve reached your destination. If you’ve got a particularly long travel day ahead of you, feed them before at least a 30 minute walk. Pets are prone to car sickness too, so try to not take them on a ride with a full belly!
  • Do not leave your pet in your car. Just like children, they can not take the hot temperatures of a vehicle. Be sure to travel with someone who can sit in the running vehicle while you make quick trips inside convenience stores.

Check out this website for pet friendly hotels and other resources for traveling with pets!

No matter how much you’d love to, you just can’t take your pet traveling with you? Be sure to find a high quality house sitting service with overnight pet sitting rates. Pet sitting services can provide a big relief for pet parents prone to worrying!

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