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Top 5 Threats To Your Pet This Halloween

The candy bowls are filling up and everyone’s picking out their costume for the big Halloween bash! In amongst all the activity that October brings are our pets. Living their life along side us and the many hazards we are constantly dragging out!  So, aside from the candy, what do you need to watch out for? Here’s our Top 5 list of things you might overlook…

Top 5 October Pet Threats

  1. Chrysanthemums (mums) – Those pretty pots of red, yellow, purple and orange mums are filling popping up everywhere! They may be the most popular seasonal flower, but they are also toxic to dogs and cats! The flowers, stems, and leaves all can make your pet ill. Vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, excess salivation – all these are symptoms of chrysanthemum poisoning. If you decide to decorate your home or yard with these autumn beauties, display them out of your pets regular zone. If you suspect your cat or dog has partaken, contact your vet!
  2. Jack-O-Lanterns – Nothing says fall like the friendly (or not so friendly!) jack-o-lantern glowing on the porch! Is pumpkin okay for your pet to eat? Yup! Is a pumpkin that has been sitting on your porch for nearly a month with a candle in it okay for your pet to eat? No. Accumulated bacteria and the possibility of wax  likely won’t kill your pet, but they could make them not feel so hot. Also, be sure to keep your jack-o-lantern in a safe place where your pet won’t knock it over while lit!
  3. Candy wrapper – Everyone should know that candy, especially chocolate, isn’t good for your pet. Have you thought about the wrappers though? You or your child may be great about keeping candy out of reach, but don’t forget to be fastidious about keeping those wrappers up too.  The tempting smell or remaining bits stuck inside can be just enough to entice a pet into eating them and could cause some serious gastrointestinal concerns.
  4. Pet costumes – Will they look adorable? Sure! It doesn’t mean it’s a good idea though. Don’t prioritize your satisfaction over your pets comfort and safety. If you plan on dressing your pet up make some trial runs. Put the costume on and see how they react and how well they can get around. Is it a tripping hazard? Will they get tangled up in it? Are they going to chew on it and possibly choke? Keep all these in mind!
  5. Strangers – Halloween is a time of high activity! Halloween parties and trick-or-treaters can keep the door revolving and add a lot of excitement and/or stress to your pets life. Especially when those people may come dressed up like monsters! A protective pet may overreact, even to people they are familiar with, if they show up in an unrecognizable costume. It’s best to confine pets somewhere out of the way with some food, water, a soft bed and their favorite toy.

Think your own threats not covered in our top 5? Share them with us!

photo credit: Randy Son Of Robert Wee Westie Watching for Tricksters via photopin (license)
photo credit: Verity Cridland Great Yorkshire Show 2015 via photopin

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