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Sleep and Your Pet – How Much Is Just Right?

In case you didn’t notice, sleep plays a big role in your pets life! It may seem like your pet just sleeps all day. Do you really know how much your pet needs though? Or how much they are actually getting? It can be hard to tell when they doze in lots of short increments, taking “cat naps” throughout the day.

Just like with humans, sleep is an important time for pets to bodies to replenish themselves. It’s important they get plenty of undisturbed rest. Let’s find out how much and how to ensure it happens!


How much sleep does your pet need?

Your average pooch will need about twelve to fourteen hours of sleep. Thats about four more hours than us! This amount will vary based on your dogs size, breed, and age too. New born pups will sleep A LOT more than a rambunctious puppy of a couple months old. They can clock in at about twenty hours in one day! Likewise, older dogs will tend to sleep more too. They tire more easily and need more time to replenish their bodies and energy levels.

Fun Fact – Wild dogs and wolves will sleep more than their domesticated counterparts. They expend more energy in the pursuit of food and need more time to rest – especially if food is scarce.

Cats can actually teach dogs a thing or two about some shut-eye. Your average cat will clock in about twelve to sixteen hours in one day! Now it’s just a shame they can’t get most of that in while we’re trying to sleep too… Just like puppies, new born kittens will spend around twenty hours sleeping.

Many people believe that cats are nocturnal, which isn’t entirely true. They are actually most active at dawn and dusk – when most prey animals are active too. Though, they are more prone to doze away more daytime hours than those during the night.

Make their sleep better

Both cats and dogs do better when they have private places, out the way of your daily life, to catch some zzzz’s. Even if your pet “sleeps” with you at night, make sure they have a place to go during the day too. Cats will also rest better after a feast, so if you’re wanting a quiet night, try feeding your cat at night. This will equate to a “dusk feeding” for them. Both pets will also benefit from lots of options for activity, exercise and playtime. Don’t skimp on it! Consider a dog walker or Pet Nanny if you can’t meet their needs.

For even more amazing helpful tips and fun information about your pets sleep habits check out Tuck!


Sleeping With Your Pet – A Do or a Don’t?


The site of you sleeping in your bed or dozing on your couch often proves to be an irresistible temptation for many pets to try to sneak in some snuggles. Are you the kind of pet parent with strict rules about pets in the bed? Or are you more about “the more the merrier”? Letting your pets in the bed with you or your children has been a long tug of war with pros and cons on each side. We look at them both to help you decide what’s right for your family!

Should Your Pet Be Sleeping In Your Bed?


  • Whether you have a diagnosed sleeping disorder or simply struggle with bouts of insomnia, pets in the bed can be a distraction. Most animals aren’t programmed to sleep the long eight hour night that humans need and restlessness or playfulness on their part can be unwelcome in the wee morning hours. Not to mention if you have a pet that snores!
  • Diseases that pets can pass on to their owners while sharing a bed occasionally make headlines resulting in some pets getting put on the couch. While there are risks involved here they are often minimal with a healthy well cared for animal. The risk is much smaller with full-time house pets than those who are prone to roam outdoors too. If you’re worried about your pet sleeping with your or your child, talk to your vet about the risks of MRSA, bubonic plague, staph, Chagas disease, and meningitis.
  • If you decide that sleeping with your pet is a must make sure that your sheets and blankets cleaned and shook out frequently to keep pet dander down. Even the cleanest kept pets will shed and leave behind dander that can cause respiratory issues or aggravate allergies.



  • With a few exceptions mentioned above, there really is little threat from letting your pet join you on the bed. Scientifically the cases of the diseases one can contract are very, very small. Furthermore, while some people may struggle with sleeping disorders, still more find that having a pet on the bed with them is soothing.
  • Pets have been shown to help soothe children and make them feel safer. This benefit isn’t limited to just kids, though! Lots of people say they feel calmer or safer with a pet on the bed with them. Especially if they live alone.
  • In the winter, no one is going to complain about the extra heat! Pets keep your bed cozy, give you something to snuggle, and can help keep that heating bill down!

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