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Living a Green Thumb for you and your Pet




Trying to live a green-conscious and eco-friendly environment for you and your pet? Try these tips as suggested by Julie Knapp with Woman’s Day: 

1. Put your pet on a diet– This is the number rule-of-green thumb to preserving a natural environment, as well as keeping your dog fit and healthy.

2. Use biodegradable waste bags– Always scoop up your pet’s poop, because if you don’t, it can contaminate waterways.

3. Be a savvy shopper– Choose dog shampoos that are free of sodium lauryl sulfate. For toys and dog beds, avoid plastic and synthetic products and look to natural fibers like organic cotton or hemp as well as products made from recycled goods.

4. Spay and neuter your pet– To reduce the cat and dog population is a good thing for the environment and is an eco-consicous thing to do.

5. Safe flea and tick treatments– Did you know that some flea products cause cancer? According to the National Resources Defense Council, children have a 1,000 times greater risk of having cancer after being exposed to feal and tick treatments. Talk to your vet about safer treatments, or visit http://www.simplesteps.org/greenpaws-products, to choose the safest ones.

To find out more about what you and your pet can do to help keep the environment nice and pretty, read more:




The Gift-Giving Guide For Your Pet Nanny

Over at our sister site, Pet Watchman, we provided a brief gift-giving guide of ideas to give to your pet sitter(s) this Christmas. On Pet Nanny’s site, we have provided a gift guide also for your Pet Nanny, which will be similar to ideas from the other site, but with a little kick to add some variety. We hope you will feel inspired by our ideas and that they give you some creativity for gift ideas for all the Pet Lovers on your list.

Is your pet nanny a lover of all things crafts, along with simple and frugal living? If so, we have just the right item for them.

FOLK Lifestyle, a magazine dedicated to “presenting a fresh and youthful interpretation of simple country lifestyles, while focusing on the stories that make America our collective home sweet home. This down to Earth magazine fills a unique niche in the shelter publication landscape: content is part lifestyle, part editorial, all heart,” is offering $5.00 subscriptions for an entire year for a limited time only. Head over to www.folklifestyle.com to find out what they’re all about. If you like what you see, go to http://www.folklifestyle.com/2012/12/5-00-subscriptions-bens-birthday.html, and get the $5.00 subscription offer. Hurry!

Or even better, a gift basket filled with items for their home, such as candles, magnet, small frame(s), and one or two magazines, such as Martha Stewart Living or Better Homes and Gardens, etc. would be a nice and thoughtful touch.

Assuming your Pet Nanny is as equal a pet lover, a pet gift basket would be ideal for them, especially if they’re a pet owner themselves. Suggestions would be a gift card for any amount to PetSmart, with several dog bones, such as Greenies, or Pet Holiday Great Choice Rawhide 6 Munchy Gingerbread Girl treats to keep with the festive spirit. The ideas for a gift basket are endless!

With the addition of our new product and boutique store, Happy & Healthy Pet Boutique, we have canine and feline supplements, remedies, treats, chews, gear and apparel, along with a variety of dog breed gifts and collectibles. We have so many great things, that you can’t go wrong with any purchase there! Visit www.petnannymainline.com/store to check out our product inventory.

A few sites for several great finds for gift-giving to your sitter:

CafePress– T-shirts, collectibles and other items.


Pampered Paw Gifts– sell a variety of items, including gift baskets.


Etsy– Homemade designs such as key chains, dog tags, and much more.


Dogs Incorporated– Custom Art Prints that can be personalized


I think these are a great start for a few fresh ideas of what to purchase for your pet nanny. What are you planning to purchase for your pet nanny? Have any ideas that have been successful in the past? Please share your ideas with us in the comments below.We wish you all a blessed, happy and prosperous Christmas season!

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