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Helpful Ways To Not Overspend While Keeping Your Pet Healthy


Owning a pet is very expensive. Pet owners are spending over $55 billion dollars a year in owning and taking care of a pet. YOWZA!

The following are tips that will help in deciding what to spend on and what not to spend on.

  • Dog Food– The main keywords with dog food are meat or meat-based. It’s smart to determine which brand has the same ingredients but is cheaper in price. Also, couponing is the way to go. Many of the brands will have coupons on their web sites during certain promotional periods.
  • Medicine– Be on the lookout for medications that have been tested, such as tick and flea treatment companies, Pet Armor, and although Frontline is a great brand as well, it is twice the cost of Pet Armor, which works just as effectively.
  • Toys– Are very beneficial for our pets, and are often a sense of comfort for your pet. We, as owners, don’t think our pets need toys, but often times they do, to distract them us being away during the work  day, to other changes in their environment. Nylabones are great, and other cloth toys suffice very well, and are inexpensive.
  • Clothes– We have expensive taste with our own clothes as well as clothing for our pets. However, you can purchase clothing from expensive to affordable from such designer sites as RalphLauren.com to Amazon.com, which keeps your pets warm. If it it’s cold to you, it’s also cold to your pet.
  • Leashes– There are a variety of leashes, and as most clothes, toys, and other items, there are different lengths, training options, and most of these have competitors’ brands, along with cheaper options. 
Many of our products for our pets are a preference of taste and how much we’re willing to spend on them, as many of our pets are like our children, and we’d be willing to spend as much as we’d like on them. However, with today’s economy and the need to maintain a budget, we need more frugal options; we hope these help you in your shopping!
Have any tips to share with your fellow pet lovers that are frugal and budget-based? Let us know in the comments below.
Source: Today.com

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