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Runaway Pet? Here’s How To Find Them Quick!

Did you know that pets are more likely to run away in the summer? Runaway may not always be the appropriate term. Many pets simply wander off or get lost. Un-neutered males will frequently run off looking for mates. Either way, do you know the best steps to take to ensure you get them back home FAST? These quick tips can help!

Bringing a Runaway Pet Home

  • Get your pet microchipped! Microchipping your pet ensures that if they become lost and are turned over to or picked up by an animal shelter, you’ll be notified! Have questions about what microchipping is and how it works? Check out our FAQ article about them here!
  • Get a tracking collar! There are numerous GPS collars now that can be invaluable for finding runaway pets. These collars will allow you to find your pet’s exact location. That is, provided the collar remains on the animal.
  • Check out PetFBI.org. This is a great national database of missing pets. It is used by individuals and pet shelters to post about animals they find. You can browse through it to see if your runaway pet is listed.
  • Walk the perimeter. Most pets won’t go further than 2 miles from home. Large dogs may roam as far as 5. Be sure to canvas your neighborhood and talk to people. Check the dog park or other areas you and your pet may frequent.
  • Don’t give up hope! Your pet may simply be being cared for by someone who found it, sans collar, and lovingly took it in. Be sure to let your neighborhood know what your pet looks like. Post photos in community pages, on poles and in the post office. Ask people at the dog park and notify your local vet’s offices. All places someone who may have picked your pet up will likely frequent.

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Missing Pets: What Do You Do Next?‏

The scenario every pet owner dreads – your beloved companion has gone missing. A missing pet can be an especially emotional and stressful situation. Having an action plan to try to locate and bring your pet home safely is a must. Just like keeping the phone numbers for the sheriff, ambulance, and fire station handy, you should save this blog post as a future reference. Like the aforementioned phone numbers, let’s hope you never have to use it!

Before we get to the tips though, let’s take a moment to cover some precautionary things you can do. When you first get your pet, make sure they have a collar that contains your contact information. Even if they are strictly an indoor pet they should wear an identification collar. Should they slip out of the home unnoticed you’ll be happy they had one! Microchips that can be implanted at your local vet’s office are also a great option to track your missing pet in an emergency.

Flyers are a great way to get the word out!

Tips to bring home your missing pet

  • One of the simplest steps to find a lost pet is still  asking your neighbors. Often times a lost dog or cat will not wander far out of their neighborhood and its likely someone on your block has seen them. Footwork is the best way because it allows your lost pet access to your scent and hear the sound of your voice. They might be looking for you too!
  • While you and your friends are scouring the local area, bring flyers and hang them up at intersections, local shops – anywhere someone may pause for a moment. Be sure your phone number is on the flyer!
  • If you’re like most pet owners, you probably have a thousand photos of your pet. In addition to asking your neighbors, show them a recent photo. Then take that photo and upload it to all your social media accounts and ask all your friends who live in proximity to share it with their friends. The more eyes looking the better your chances!
  • Take you photo to the local pet shelters and ask if your pet has been brought in recently. Leave your number and a picture in case someone comes in with your missing pet after you’ve been there.

If you’re in a more metro area, check out these websites:


The Center For Lost Pets 

A word of caution: if someone calls saying they have found your missing pet and wants to meet you somewhere or come to your home, ask them to name some identifying characteristics about your pet that maybe weren’t noticeable in the flyer if possible. Ask to meet in a public place (even the local sheriff’s office if something feels off) and be certain to have at least one friend with you – especially if they are coming to your home (which we don’t advise).

Furthermore, never give up hope! Stories all the time surface of pets finding their way home through unfathomable odds!

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