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Pet-Friendly Apartment – Find One Now!

Having a pet can be a great joy and blessing! …but it can also be a bit of a headache when it comes to your housing options. Finding a pet-friendly apartment can be a chore. While your pet may be a blessing to you, landlords see them as liabilities.

Padmapper.com has a great breakdown of tips for helping your get your dream apartment with your pet right alongside. For example, offer to pay renters insurance for pets. Knowing their property is protected can be a game changer with landlords. Good first impressions are also so important. Don’t show up covered in pet hair! If they want to meet your pet, ensure they are properly groomed and look well cared for (which they should be!).

Don’t underestimate the importance of finding the right pet-friendly apartment. Moving is rough on you and your pet(s). Take your time and research your options. Get to know your landlord a little too if you can. Do they seem like they might be uncomfortable with your pet? Don’t push the issue. All you’ve done is create a headache for you, your pet, and landlord if you have to move again in a few months!

Find A Pet-Friendly Apartment in Philadelphia Now!

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Moving With Your Pet – How To Make It Work

It is an inevitable fact of life for most that at some point you will find yourself moving your residence. While you might be excited about your new home, no one is excited about the process of getting there. One of the sometimes painful problems associated with moving can be figuring out a smooth transition while keeping your pets.

Moving and complications with landlords are the two top reasons pets get taken to shelters. They simply no longer fit into the families lifestyle. What can you do to avoid this heartbreaking scenario?

 Moving For Renters

If you’re a renter be sure that the landlord allows pets. If they do, ask if there is an extra pet deposit required. If pets aren’t allowed consider asking your landlord if they would with an extra deposit and a reference from your previous landlord. Some might be willing to budge on this if you offer them enough security. Never push the subject though.

Consider how your pet might affect your neighbors too. If you have a dog that likes to bark, try to avoid apartments or tight spaces where complaints might be made against you.

Moving For Buyers

If you’re looking to buy and new home and plan to have pets, be sure you’re keeping that in mind as you shop. Ensure there is plenty of outdoor space in which your pet can be contained and not be a nuisance to neighbors. Ask the realtor or other locals if there are any specific ordinances regarding pets before you move in. Some communities ban certain breeds of dogs, have leash laws, or noise ordinances. Know your community before you commit to living it.


No matter what your situation, some thoughtful planning and research could save you and your pet a lot of heartbreak



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