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Overweight Pets: How To Help Yours Slim Down

Just like in humans, obesity in the animal kingdom can have similar unhealthy side-effects. Overweight pets can end up suffering from diabetes, heart and liver disease as well as joint pain. How can you tell if your pet is a bit on the pudgy side? Aside from hearing the prognosis from a vet, there are some tell-tale signs you should watch out for with your pet. In most pets you should be able to feel their spine and ribs when you press on them. (Feel, NOT SEE!) If you’ve identified that your fuzzy friend may be overweight, check out our tips to help your pet shed the pounds and live a longer, healthier life!

How To Help An Overweight Pet

  • Re-examine Your Pets Food – If you’ve tend to go for the cheaper pet foods be aware that they are often more difficult for your pet to digest the nutrients and have a higher fat content to account for the lack of flavor. Consider upgrading your pets food to a better quality with more protein! Ask your vet what food they recommend!

Overweight pets can live significantly shorter lives…


  • Exercise –  Just like with humans more activity equals health. Maybe you don’t have a lot of time to spend being active with your pet? Consider hiring a pet sitter to come and interact with your animal while you’re at work. Pet sitting and/or dog walking rates are usually very reasonable and it could mean a world of difference for your pet! In home pet sitting will mean that your pet will be encouraged to interact and play, instead of moping around waiting for you to come home! This improves their physical and emotional health!
  • Cut out scraps – Set a regular eating schedule for your pet that you don’t detour from it. Cut out feeding them scraps on the side and keep them out of the kitchen and dining area while the family is eating to prevent the temptation! Also be certain to not “over-reward” your pet with treats!
  • Rule out pre-existing conditions – Take your pet to a vet to rule out any pre-existing disease or conditions that may be causing your pets weight gain. Your pet may become overweight from lack of activity, but they may not be active because of arthritis or other painful conditions.

Still unsure what a healthy weight for your pet is? Click here to see a healthy weight chart for different popular breeds of cats and dogs!

Keep your pet from becoming overweight!


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Pet Ownership and Your Health

Pet Ownership Can Improve Your Health

By now, most people have heard about how pet ownership is linked to health benefits – how they can lower some peoples blood pressure and lead to an over all longer and healthier life. In addition to blood pressure though, there are a lot more ways that pet ownership positively effects your well-being, no matter your age! Children who suffer from hypertension benefit from interacting with animals just as much as adults with blood pressure problems do, and pets have been proven to have a ‘mood boosting’ effect on people who suffer from depression. Children also can benefit from animal exposure during their youth by developing less allergies than children without pets. Cat ownership specifically has been shown to lower the mortality rate by heart attack with people who had never owned one reporting 40% higher fatalities, while those who owned a dog and suffered a heart attack were proven to recover quicker! Additionally, responsible pet ownership often means to a more active and social lifestyle, fighting obesity and the negative health effects that come with a sedentary lifestyle.

Pets Can Help with Your Medical Treatments

In addition to many preventative measures that pet ownership offers, animals are being used more frequently in medical treatments all the time! Pet ownership for helping children overcome ADHD, as well as being used as ‘alarms’ for people suffering from diabetes, or similar medical conditions – since it’s been shown that dogs have the ability to detect blood sugar levels and other health emergencies in their owners! Animals area also often used in treating children suffering from autism, since the sensory experiences can help them grow, in a calm and safe environment while also building self esteem.

Whether you or someone in your family suffers from a medical condition or not, in the eyes of the medical world, there’s no doubt that pet ownership can benefit everyone in the household! Check out WebMD for more information, and enjoy the infographic below!

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