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Accessories For Your Pet – Awesome Things You Need!

Pet accessories  cost American’s over $60 billion dollars in 2016. While we may feel a little ashamed, we still can’t help but want to spoil our furry little friends! It seems like every day some new, clever item is being introduced to the market. It can be a bit overwhelming… Below we’ve compiled (yet another) list of some great new products that are sure to make life with your pet better! Got a “must-have” item of your own? Tell us about it and share your find with others!

Pet Accessories to Have Now

  • Quilted Pet Cover – Got a problem with your pet getting on the couch leaving fur and damaging it? This awesome microfiber quilted pet cover should put an end to battles over the couch!

  • Retractable Pet Safety Gate – Tired of pet gates that don’t go as far as you need them to? Or are too big for your space? This accessory offers a solution for spaces up to 55 inches wide. That’s 4 1/2 feet!
  • Emergency Pet Cards – Do you live alone with your pet? Have you ever worried what would happen if you found yourself in an emergency and couldn’t get home in time to care for them? Invest in one of the Pet Care Cards. They notify emergency personnel that you have a pet at home alone and provide a contact for them to notify on your behalf!

  • They Gulpy Water Dispenser – The size of a water bottle, this little dispenser eliminates the need for you to carry around a bottle and a water bowl for drink breaks. Ideal for walks, hikes, and road trips!
  • The Bike Leash – Want to take your dog along on your bike ride with you? Check out this awesome Bike Tow Leash! Approved by the American Pet Association, this leash keeps your pet safely right  along with you!

Pet Emergency Plan: Keeping Your Pet Safe In A Natural Disaster

Natural disasters often catch families unprepared. A lot of importance is placed on making sure your family has a disaster plan and an emergency kit ready. Your disaster plan should address events like a house fire, to something widespread like a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake. It is important to take a moment and create an emergency kit specific to your pet. All too often after natural disasters there are many lost, injured and neglected family companions.

A dog sits in the heavy rains from Tropical Storm Erin on San Antonio’s south side Thursday, Aug. 16, 2007. Erin’s remnants soaked rain-weary Texas, snarling rush-hour traffic and killing at least one person. (AP Photo/San Antonio Express-News, Jerry Lara) ** MAGS OUT, NO SALES, SAN ANTONIO OUT **

Pet Emergency – keeping your pets safeThe first step in your pet emergency plan is to try to move your pet to a safe area with you. If you have a small pet, be sure to have a pet carrier easily accessible. Storing it next to your other emergency items will ensure you don’t have to waste time looking for it. This way you can cart your pet with you. For smaller creatures like hamsters and birds, you can just grab their cage. It can be harder with large dogs though. If this is your type of pet, keep a leash with your emergency supplies. Assign an adult with the duty of locating and securing the family pet. Please note though, we do not in any way advocate putting yourself, or anyone in your family at risk to secure a pet.  Pets are part of the family, but please remember that many animals have intuitive survival skills. When it comes down to it and you should never risk injury. Below are some great essentials for a pet emergency kit!

Pet Emergency Kit

  • Picture of your pet in case the two of you become separated
  • Pet first aid kit and book specific to your pet variety
  • Seven days’ worth of dried or canned pet food and water
  • Towels and/or blankets
  • Extra leash & collar
  • If your pet requires any type of medication, make sure there are extra in the kit
  • Soap/Pet shampoo
  • Pet Brush and grooming supplies
  • Vaccination and ownership records, stored in a watertight bag

Do you have other ideas you’d like to share? Tell us about what you keep in your pet emergency kit!

For more in depth information on pet emergency disaster preparedness: