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Red Cross provides First Aid mobile app for pets

The American Red Cross has released a new mobile app for your pet if they are sick or injured. The app guides pet owners through first-aid treatment for 25 common emergencies. Says Kelly Hudson, spokeswoman for the American Red Cross of West Michigan, “pet owners learn how to recognize health problems and when to contact their veterinarian.”

The app is only 99-cents and enables users with access to photos and videos, showing owners how to perform a variety of first aid procedures, including treating wounds, control bleeding, care for burns and much more. Included in all of this is even helping a pet ailing from excessive cold or heat, injured in a car accident, and numerous others.

Pet owners also can use the app in other ways:

  •  Create a pet profile that includes a list of medications
  •  Learn early-warning signs of illness and when to call a veterinarian
  •  Find nearby veterinarians in an emergency
  •  Set up a “click to call” connection with their vet
  •  Locate pet-friendly hotels
  •  Take quizzes on pet care and share results on social networks

Because of owners not wanting to leave their pets in the midst of a disaster, the app includes resources to aide with help in emergency plans involving pets and their safety. The app is available on iPhones and Androids. For more information about the application, visit the American Red Cross website at http://www.redcross.org/prepare/mobile-apps.

Source: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2014/01/red_cross_app_puts_first-aid_f.html

Pet Nanny Main Line’s Pet Tip of the Week

Many people think that feeding their pet table food is okay and isn’t harmful. I’ve had people tell me, “If we can eat it, it must be okay for them,” and “What’s the big deal if we sneak food to them here and there?” Why shouldn’t you feed a pet table food? Because it’s more harmful to them than it is to you. Another fact (and possibly shocker):

  • With 55% of pets being overweight leading to decreased life expectancy, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer, feeding your dog a hot dog is the equivalent of a human eating three cheeseburgers. Talk about a cholesterol overload and if we did that everyday, we’re sure to have a heart attack come on!

It’s not just dogs you have to worry about feeding table food; it’s a no-no for cat’s too, and even worse for them because of their size and shape! The reason?

  • Giving your cat an ounce of cheese is the equivalent of a human eating three and a half cheeseburgers or four Hershey’s chocolate bars.

So, the next time you’re dog or cat begs, or gives you that irresistible look that you just can’t ignore or entices you to ‘give in’, think again for the sake of your pet’s health and longevity.

Source: http://www.upnorthlive.com/news/story.aspx?id=895120#

Human-Canine Bonding: Reconnecting with your Pet

In a recent article in Martha Stewart Living, writer Amy Shearn, wrote a very good article about bonding with her pet dog that allowed her entire family to grow closer. The reason for her re-connection with her pet and family? She got caught-up in the everyday business of life; kids, job, family, work, etc. She became a little bit resentful of her pet that she had for awhile due to her being busy and other priorities. However, after reinforcing the positive in her relationship with her pet, she ended up treating her family better, as well as her children extending the same kindness to their pet. As mentioned in the article, the following tips are expert suggestions for “rekindling your relationship” with your dog and/or pet.

  • Teach your dog something new– Kristen Collins, a certified animal behaviorist for ASPCA claims that when you teach your dogs new skills, you work their brains, and “it’s a fun, intimate kind of communication.”
  • Make dog time a priority– Encourage dog with with another goal, such as walking, running, and/ or getting your kids active outside.
  • Focus on problem areas and vow to resolve them– If you’re pet is stressing you out with having to walk him, when you’re really busy with other things, have someone else walk him for you. Say, “the kid down the street, and pay him $10 to do so.”
  • Bring your dog on family outings– Dogs (and cats) love discovering new things, people and places and is great for them to interact with you on family outsings, such as a picnic, a hike or a long walk in a park.
  • Involve your kids– This is especially important if your pet loves being around people. Have your child spend some time with him by ‘reading to’ your dog.

What are some ways you like to rekindle the bond between you, family and your dog (or cat)? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Do You Groom Your Dog? Regular and Routine Grooming Keep your Pet Healthy


Several veterinarians bases in Forth Worth, Texas have expressed concern to their fellow clients and pet owners about the importance of grooming their pet for their health. It is duly noted that pet grooming is an “essential part of pet wellness care,” and make sure you choose an experienced professional dog groomer. The helpful tips why it is important to keep your pet’s upkeep with grooming are:

  • Keeps pets looking good
  • Helps to manage skin conditions
  • maintain proper coat health
  • keep a regular nail length & growth

For more helpful tips and resources, copy the link below in your browser:


We take pride in making your pets' well being a priority while you are away from home.

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