Save Money with your Pets by Reducing Pet Care Myths Cost

Are you subjected to purchasing items you don’t need for your pet because you’ve heard certain stigmas attached to it that you think are true? Well, you’re not alone. We all do it, but many myths are just heresay, passed down from generation to generation, and often become distorted or “old wives tales” that bear no alliance of truth whatsoever. Recently, a local news station in Kansas City provided a brief summary of those pet care myths that are the most common to believe among pet owners. They are as follows:

  • Do you really need to purchase hypoallergenic shampoos and other pet products? These shampoos might reduce the amount of shedding (but nothing eliminates it), because all dogs and cats shed, although different breeds shed more than others.


  • Are baths not needed for pets? Baths are needed at least weekly to reduce shedding and help them smell better. Plus, it’s good for their hygiene, like it’s good for the owner too. 


  • Do you really need a specific pet shampoo? Yes, human shampoo is not good for your pet’s coat, as you will more than likely end up at your vet’s office asking them how to relieve your pet’s skin rash and dander. Pet shampoo is specifically made for their fur. Quite simple: human shampoo damages their fur. 


  • Can cats really clean their own teeth? No, because their teeth can rot down the road, and relieving rotting teeth can be much more expensive than providing proper dental care for your pet. 


Listen to your vet and their recommendations. They know what’s best for your pet in the long run, and can save you thousands of dollars, along with time.

Do you know of any other pet care myths that you’ve believed or know others have before? Share with our network so they can save additional time and money!


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