Read these Tips For Traveling with Pets During the Holidays

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to try and get things scheduled and planned as fast and easiest as possible. If you plan to include your pet(s) in your travels, it’s best to acknowledge their comfort and safety for their and your benefit. In my family, we travel with our pets, and during these cold months, we have to leave the windows down on our truck for our German Shepherd, Lucy, who’s loving the cold weather while looking at the pretty scenery and watching the traffic drive by too. We, on the other hand, are bundled up in several layers of clothing because we love our girl!

While you may not have or want to travel this way, there are several helpful tips and suggestions  to consider while traveling with your pet, whether it be by plane or car. Read on:

Traveling with Dogs:

  • Secure your dog in the backseat with a seat-belt, crate or open area, and DO NOT let them roam about, as that is a hazard to passengers and driver. 
  • Keep blankets or dog beds on the floor to keep pets comfortable.
  • You can even have a dog gate built specifically for your dog to defer them from running freely throughout the vehicle.

Traveling with Cats:

  • Cats HATE traveling, and I speak from experience. They’re more comfortable in their usual home, in their same comfortable spot on the couch, lounge area, etc. 
  • If your cat likes to travel, or your pet has to travel with you during this holiday season, keep your cat in an animal carrier, secured with a seat-belt that’s placed around the carrier’s front.

By plane:

  • Make sure the plane accommodates pets.
  • Check to see what the weight limits are.
  • Bring less food and water because you can get more and what you need at your destination.


  • Let your cat or dog ride shotgun. It’s dangerous and can cause harm to your pet.
  • Let them stick their head out of the window; this is common among many pet owners and see this happen often, and have been guilty of this myself, but am more conscious now.
  • Sticking their head out the window can be very harmful because of flying debris, and other hazards.

Are you planning to travel with your pets this year, or have you traveled with your pets every year, and you have some helpful tips to share with our readers. Let us know!


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