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Pet Thefts Are Increasing For 2013

The American Kennel Society has released important news indicating that there is an alarming increase in 2013 alone for stolen pets. In Los Angeles alone, around 500 dogs were reported stolen. Many pet owners don’t think it will happen to them, but it can.

The non-profit organization, Last Chance for Animals, is a great group “dedicated to eliminating animal exploitation.” The organization, directed by Chris DeRose, has been in effect for over 30 years and DeRose states that “No matter where you live, you could be a target, especially when people see that a dog is well taken care of or a specific breed of dog that may be popular in that area,” he said. “A lot of them go to medical research.There are dogs that are stolen for bait in dog fighting, they’re stolen for food.”

There is a Pet Safety and Protection Act for the prevention of buying and selling dogs and cats for research use in laboratories.

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Pet Thefts On The Rise Nationwide

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