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Pet Sitting Tips for Out of Towners

As a recent pet sitter for a great friend’s dog, keeping him in his routine was very important to her and I think I did pretty well. Most of the time he was happy and content, with a few moments of occasional whining for his “Mom” in the evening when it was time for bed. Otherwise, he was his lively and energetic self.

The following tips are helpful in taking care of pets for owners who are out of town:

  • Keep daily normal routine.
  • Have automatic lights set to make it look like someone is home, and pets aren’t left in the dark.
  • Close doors to rooms that pets are not to be in, so there will be no unexpected messes.
  • Make sure to have extra food, treats and medicine for late returns and delays.
  • Have fresh water available at all times.
  • Leave a contact number for your local vet, who has your pet’s medical records.
  • Always have plenty of paper towels and cleaning supplies in case of accidents.
  • Never crate pets more than 5-6 hours between intervals.
  • Of course, your pet will want their normal toys, daily walks (if they are walked every day), treats, food, bed, etc.
  • The most important? Make sure you have the right person taking care of yoru beloved pet, as they should be attentive, warm and loving.


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