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Pet Home Sitting Services

Pet Home Sitting Services

Choosing Home Sitting Services While You Are Away

When you have to leave for a weekend or a week, you might be concerned about your home as well as your pet. You will find a number of options for pet home sitting services that will be combined with pet sitting services today. The provider does not stay at your home the entire time, but they spend the night there with your pet and care for your home throughout the day.

For most people, getting their pet cared for while they are away is very important. At the same time you might have concerns about your home as well. When you can combine the services together, you will find that you are able to allow your pet to stay home and have your home babysat at the same time.

Traditional Vs Modern Pet Home Sitting Services

Traditionally pet home sitting services provide just someone to watch over your home to make sure no problems occur. Today however you will find a number of pet home sitting services that provide the choice for the provider to stay at your home with your pet while you are away. There will be a specific amount of tasks that they will provide for you while they are there as well.

Some providers that offer this service might even do more than is required of them through general cleaning and other things that might need to be done around your home. There are choices that offer plant watering inside and out as well as other services that you might be surprised to discover. When you hire a service that provides you with the entire package, you will save money as well as time finding the right provider for your pet while you are away.

Getting a provider that will do a number of different things is important today. Many people want to combine a number of services together into one charge. When you hire this service through Pet Nanny you will find that you can select the chores you need done as well as how often the pets need to be cared for as well.

Hiring someone to watch over your house and your pets while you are away can provide you with an enormous relief. You will find that you feel better about taking the trip because you know that the house will be cared for and so will your beloved pet. At the same time the service providers will be available via phone for you to get an update about your pet or your home or both.

Pet Sitting Visits

Sunday to Saturday: Morning, Mid Day, Evening & Late Night

Morning and Late Night visits are scheduled between 7am & 9pm, Mid Days between 11am & 3pm and Evening between 4pm & 6pm

  • No stress or worrying about your pet and home while you are out or traveling
  • In addition to taking care of your pet, we can also bring in the mail and newspaper, rotate the lights and water 5 indoor plants
  • $2 each additional dog
  • $1 each additional cat

30 minutes

$18.99 per visit / Perfect for active dogs and energetic puppies. A great 2nd visit for puppies in training.

45 minutes

$24.99 per visit / Recommended for high energy dogs that need exercise and just a bit more time out and about.

60 minutes

$28.99 per visit / Just right for frisky dogs that need lots of exercise and attention. Also a perfect dinner visit for folks that have a long day at work.