Pet Care Mistakes to Avoid, Continued…

There are many ways that we have mishaps while caring for our pets, including habits and routines that we fall into as owners and our pets only learn from our behavior towards them. Start today to make new habits and to encourage yourself and pet to make positive choices that emulate reasoning and meaning, not irresponsibility and errors. The following tips and suggestions are continued from our original post on Tuesday (January 21).

  • Not exercising your pet– Just like you, your pet needs moderate exercise to stay active and healthy. Also, pets who are not exercised can demonstrate aggressive behavior. 
  • Not keeping your pet mentally active– A bored pet can be a troublesome pet. They can get into things they aren’t supposed to because they are bored. If you’re training your pet, use treats as a training mechanism that triggers responses from their brain. Play ball with your dog and if you have a cat, play mouse and string (toy mouse dangling from a string) with them.
  • Leaving a pet alone for too long– A pet who’s home alone too often becomes neglected, can demonstrate separation anxiety and start to produce destructive behaviors; i.e., chewing on shoes, soiling carpet, and shredding bedsheets, pillows, etc. Hire a pet-sitter to walk your pet or visit with he or she if you’re gone longer than eight hours. Crate-train your pet if you’re away for several hours during the day, but train he or she gradually, then eventually increase crate time.
  • Not having a pet-friendly home– Many folks fall into this routine and I have been there myself. Not having a dog bed can have your pet on the couch (where you might not want them), and not having a litter box for your cat, can have them soiling your well-taken care of carpet. Always have a litter box that’s easily accessible for your pet, and have a doggy bed or crate for your pet within a close distance, and let that area alone be your pet’s time of peace and relaxation.
  • Punishing your pet– We’re not talking about the occasional stern voice when reprimanding your pet while caught in the act of doing something they’re not supposed to do, but physically harming them is animal abuse and considered neglectful. Be stern with them while telling them No, but don’t go beyond that.

Did you find these tips helpful? Have any more tips to share with our readers? Leave them in a comment below!


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