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Olympics For Your Pet – Competitive Sports

The 2016 Summer Olympics held their opening ceremony last Friday. While people from all over the world gather to compete for top athlete, have you ever considered how athletic your pet is? Competitive sports aren’t limited just to the two-leggeds! Consider getting your pet (and yourself) fit while training for awesome pet Olympics!

Pet Summer Olympics


  • Agility Training – This is a BLAST for dogs! Agility training often consists of training your dog through obstacle courses of varying difficulty. Look around in your area to see if you can find one nearby. Jumping, tunneling, balancing are all great mental exercise too!
  • Disc Competition – Officially it’s called a “disc” – but not like the ones in the Olympics! You may know it better as a frisbee! This is a great co-op sport because it relies both on your skill and your dogs. You have to be a good thrower before you can train your dog to be a good catcher! See if there are any disc competitions in your area!
  • Tracking – Dogs are known for their noses (some breeds more so than others). Why not let your pet take full advantage of their natural gifts? Take your pet on a tracking trail! Check out this site to learn all about the benefits and events you can be a part of!
  • Dock Jumping – If you’ve ever taken your dog to the lake, you’ve probably seen this one before! The sport is exactly what it sounds like – dogs jumping off docks. With each jump the goal is to go further than the jump before. Toss toys off the dock and see how far your dog can go! A great sport for a hot day!

What about cats, you say? Take a break from the Olympics and check out The Hallmark Channels 2016 Kitten Bowl! Or this video below, showcasing some of the finest bunnies in competitive jumping!


photo credit: sheltie contact via photopin (license)

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