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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Pets Warm During Cold, Winter Months

Did you know that when you’re cold, your pet is more than likely cold as well? They crave warmth just like we do during cold, frigid months of possible ice, wintery and blustery air, and other uncomfortable cold elements. There are also machine and object dangers that can be hazardous to your pet if kept outside, or happen to escape from their warmth surroundings. Follow these simple tips to keep your pets warm and safe during the cold winter:

  • Always keep your pets indoors– If taken outside for exercise, always supervise your pet. Smaller or older dogs would probably benefit from a small sweater.
  • If your dog prefers or wants to spend time outside– Make sure they are protected by adequate shelter with enough shavings, straw and that there is enough room to sit and lie down, and should be faced away from the wind. There should also be plastic or waterproof burlap covering the doorway.
  • During winter months, there are a lot of outdoor cats (stray or feral), and other wildlife– When you start your engine in your car in the morning, tap the hood before you do so, because many cats crawl up on tires to seek warmth, so make sure they are safe from being injured.
  • Provide plenty of water– Always maintain fresh water for your pet, and keep your pet hydrated as keeping warm causes your pets to lose energy. Use plastic, as your pet’s tongue can stick to metal during very cold weather.
  • Protect paws from salt– Salt and chemicals used to melt snow irritate pet’s paws, so wipe them clean before they lick them, to keep from further irritation around the mouth, etc.
  • Avoid antifreeze– Antifreeze is a major culprit in the winter months because it’s a necessity for cars, yet deadly for our pets. It is a poison with a sweet taste, so keep it and other cleaning supplies and chemicals out of reach or stored away not easily accessible.


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