Tricks for Pet Owners – Save Time and Money!

There are many rewards that owning a pet offer! That doesn’t mean it doesn’t take some hard work and dedicated care to reap them though! Anything that can help a pet owner pinch a penny or make something easier in their day to day duties is worth sharing. We’ve compiled some great tricks for making life with your dog easier.

Tricks for Dog Owners

  • Pet Dental Care – Can’t get your dog to cooperate for a tooth brushing? Try rubbing some doggie toothpaste on a chew toy (like a rope) and letting your puppy clean their own teeth while they play!
  • Carpet Stains – There are many tricks for carpet stains give these a go if you’ve found others less effective – Absorb pet urine stains by coating the stain with baking soda and letting it set for a hour or longer. Then, simply vacuum it up! Another quick tip is to work cheap men’s shaving cream into the carpet, and then wipe up with a wet cloth!
  • Pet Hair – Remove pet hair from furniture with the wet dish glove trick!  Just rub a wet rubber dish glove over the hair covered upholstery to pick it up, then simply rinse the glove off!
  • Fresh Food – A great trick for keeping your pet food fresher and more easily dispensed is to store it in a tall drink pitcher! You can easily turn the lid to keep it fresh, and then open the pour spout to measure out the perfect amount!

Money saving tricks!

  • Start a pet fund – Pet owners may struggle with extra expenses like a dog sitting service, dog walking, or even overnight pet sitting rates. Use a basic money saving trick of dropping loose change in a jar. This trick helps you save up for unexpected trips out of town or an illness that prevents you from taking your dog out for a walk regularly.
  • Cool Summer Treats – A great trick for keeping your dog cool includes using a large cake mold to freeze water mixed with chicken broth for your pet to lick! Make it extra enticing by adding toys throughout the mold. You can also freeze bits of apple in ice cube trays with chicken broth! A healthy treat while cooling down!

Share your tricks for saving money and time with your pets! Check out the link here for more pet owner money saving tricks!

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