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Colleen Sedgwick is the owner of Pet Nanny- Pet Sitters of The Main Line; The Main Line's premier pet sitting service. She is devoted to providing her customers with the best that pet care has to offer.

Colleen is the founder of Pet Nanny Coach; a company devoted to empowering and leading other pet care professionals to infinite success with their own companies. She is also the creator of Pet Watchman, a pet sitting mobile application that keeps pet owners in real-time contact with their pet sitter.

Colleen attended The Ohio State University from 1995 - 1999, and received her degree in Special Education. She was a member of the Varsity Field Hockey Team and Kappa Delta Sorority. She currently resides in Phoenixville with her husband Billy, daughter Lucy and sons James and Connor. Billy and Colleen are the proud owners of a Terrier Mutt "Dr. Watson" and a Shishon named, "Eloise."


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We believe in...

QUALITY Pet Nanny's mission is to provide the highest quality in-home, professional pet care available on the Main Line. Pet Nanny- Pet Sitters of The Main Line, LLC provides unsurpassed personal service to the pets and their parents with 100% communication and satisfaction guaranteed.

PROFESSIONALISM Pet Nanny is a professional pet care company. Our clients know that they are trusting their loved ones and their homes to a well-established, experienced, qualified, insured and bonded business.

FIRST RATE PET CARE PROFESSIONALS We contract ONLY dedicated pet care professionals. We work with sitters who have practical experience in the pet care field and view their time with Pet Nanny as part of their career path. We run an extensive screening process on all applicants.

TECHNOLOGY & CONVENIENCE To help our business run as smoothly as possible we take advantage of all that technology has to offer.

GENUINE LOVE OF ANIMALS Pet Nanny was founded on Colleen's passion for pets, which is still the root of our success. All of us at Pet Nanny make it our priority to provide your pets with as much love and attention as possible while under our care.

CONTINUOUS EDUCATION & GROWTH Members of our team have access to online resources and access to online training that helps you do your job better - on us.


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To turn your passion for pets into paychecks!


FUZZY FACES You get to spend your days playing with fuzzy (and sometimes not so fuzzy) pets. Enough said!


INDEPENDENCE We hire grown-ups and we will treat you like one.


EXERCISE & FRESH AIR Instead of being cooped up inside, sitting at a computer all day, spend your days getting exercise out in the out in the fresh air.


REWARDING What is more rewarding than caring and loving for precious pets who need you.


UNCONDITIONAL LOVE After a rough day there is nothing better than being greeted by our friends who love us no matter what and who are always thrilled to see and spend time with us.


FLEXIBILITY We offer flexible hours based on committed availability.