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Pet Care Mistakes Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

Pets are great companions and become such an inherent part of our lives. They give love unconditionally to their “pack” and often want to please their owners, and we enjoy rewarding them. These are all positive and good attributes, except for when they get out of hand or lack in other areas and we become slightly irresponsible pet owners. The following are ten ways we make mistakes with pets:

  • Buying a pet spontaneously– One should never buy a pet at the spur of the moment. Sometimes, and rarely it works out for the best, but often times it does not. Why? Pets can be expensive, and factors need to be made into account; i.e, food and vet costs,  material necessities, chew toys, treats, training materials, and other item you may need or want to invest in. 
  • No obedience training– Every pet needs obedience training, regardless of any age because bad habits form at an early age, and it’s definitely more difficult to teach a “dog new tricks.”
  • Being lax with rules– If you don’t allow your pet to eat from the table, yet your spouse or child feeds them from the table,  or sleeping on another members bed when your pet isn’t allowed to. Your pet doesn’t understand that they are not allowed to do something when not everyone in the household is consistent and firm with the rules.
  • Treats are good, but only in moderation– We often love to spoil our pets with treats, sometimes with overzealous amount of treats, and then our pets want treats all the time, or don’t want to eat their food. They are a good training tool, but training gets lost when they get them at any given time.
  • Not socializing your pet– Sadly, I’ve seen this too many times, and it’s not the dog’s fault. Dogs have to be socialized at a young age because when they are not socialized around other dogs or people, they are aggressive. Usually, their aggressiveness is out of fear.

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Red Cross provides First Aid mobile app for pets

The American Red Cross has released a new mobile app for your pet if they are sick or injured. The app guides pet owners through first-aid treatment for 25 common emergencies. Says Kelly Hudson, spokeswoman for the American Red Cross of West Michigan, “pet owners learn how to recognize health problems and when to contact their veterinarian.”

The app is only 99-cents and enables users with access to photos and videos, showing owners how to perform a variety of first aid procedures, including treating wounds, control bleeding, care for burns and much more. Included in all of this is even helping a pet ailing from excessive cold or heat, injured in a car accident, and numerous others.

Pet owners also can use the app in other ways:

  •  Create a pet profile that includes a list of medications
  •  Learn early-warning signs of illness and when to call a veterinarian
  •  Find nearby veterinarians in an emergency
  •  Set up a “click to call” connection with their vet
  •  Locate pet-friendly hotels
  •  Take quizzes on pet care and share results on social networks

Because of owners not wanting to leave their pets in the midst of a disaster, the app includes resources to aide with help in emergency plans involving pets and their safety. The app is available on iPhones and Androids. For more information about the application, visit the American Red Cross website at


Have Fun Walking Your Pet, Part 2


Enjoy walking your pet in a safe and non-toxic environment, but there are also situations to be aware of, and practices to be safe while walking your pet. Continued from our last post, follow the remaining tips while out and about with your pet:

  • Your pet likes to meet people; great! However, jumping is not. Teach them not to jump on others with a treat from you and the other person they’re attempting to jump on with a friendly greeting.
  • If you’re going for a long walk, bring water, treats, poop bags, and a walking stick for leverage and possible safety.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, and with warmer weather be on the lookout for snakes, scorpions, spiders and bees.
  • Take your pets on new walks; not just the regular routine. Walk with friends, to friends’ houses and dog park.
  • Spray your self with insect repellant; natural repellant is best, and make sure you spray only you, not your pet, as repellants can be dangerous and very toxic.


Have Fun Walking Your Pet

Do you enjoy walking your pet? You do?! Well good, because they enjoy it too. Not only is it great exercise for your pet, keeps them active, and provides them fresh air, it’s just as good for you. However, walking your pet can be difficult if your pet pulls on a leash, or the leash is harsh on your hands. There is also traffic you have to look out for, as well as deciding when and where to walk your dog. We have provided several tips on how, what, when and where to walk your pet:


  • Leather leashes are the easiest.
  • Nylon leashes hold up well in cold and warm weather, but are not the best for the hands.
  • Chain leashes are hard on the hands, but are very good while walking your pet, especially those who like to tug or bite.
  • Flexi-leads are best while walking your pets in the park, but not in a high-traffic area.

Pulling on the Leash:

  • If you have a pet that’s pretty active while on the leash, attempt to walk he or she in the middle of the day, if possible.
  • Attempt to walk when other animals or wildlife are likely not to be out. 
  • A head halter is useful for those pets excited on the leash.

Keep Out of Grass and Flower Beds:

  • Spring plants like daffodils and tulips cause stomach problems, so keep the leash short while letting your pooch sniff the pretty flowers.
  • Keep your pets off lawns during warmer months, because of insecticides, and other toxic lawn products.

To Be Continued…


Keep Your Pets Warm During Winter Months with Pawz Boots

During these very cold, frigid winter months, it is a necessity to keep pets warm during low temps and freezing weather. With most of the country varying in extremely cold temperatures, with wind advisories, and precipitation, it is important to keep your pets safe and sound. Your pets are also susceptible chemicals on the roadways used to clear them. Therefore, it is crucial to be mindful of their health and safety.  A Brooklyn, New York based company has created Pawz dog boots, which are “made of a latex material that fits over dogs’ paws like a sock,”says the company’s Michael Friedland. He also claims that these boots do not interfere with your dogs movements, “because they are not bulky.” Apparently, this company has been around for 8 years, and are very popular in surrounding cities, as well as various places in the country. Some stores have even sold out of the products in the Northeast.

More tips to keep your pets safe from the cold:

  • Always bring them inside when there are freezing temps, snow or ice.
  • Provide plenty of blankets for them.
  • Puppies are especially vulnerable to the cold. Keep them inside as much as possible. If you can, provide puppy training pads for them to relieve themselves on.
  • Don’t forget to bring your cats in too; they are just as vulnerable to the cold weather as dogs are. Stray and feral cats hide under the hoods of cars often, so tap your hood before you get in and start your engine.


Do You Treat Your Pet Like Your Child? You’re in Luck, Because Many Folks Do

Many of our pets are like family and are treated as such. I know mine are. I even dare say our two German Shepherds are treated better than the rest of our family members are, ha! Huffington Post recently had a humorous new post about how people treat their pets as their first-born children. Statements such as letting your pet sleep with you, giving your pet an actual bed, making your own organic fresh food for your pet, taking your pet everywhere, you buy your cat their very own toiling training kit (that’s a bit too far, in my opinion, but to each his own), and you dress your pet up are several of the suggestive reasons why we treat our pets like family and first-born.

Check out more suggestions via the original post by copying the link below and placing it into your browser:

Submit Photos of your Festive Pet to Huffington Post

There’s something about looking at photos of pets that bring a smile to our face, or at least mine it does. If you’re in a bad mood or didn’t have a great day, these are sure to lift your spirits and put you in a better and encouraging mood. You can also submit photos of your pet to be featured via Check out a few of the submitted photos below:


Hope you’re all having a great and blessed holiday, enjoying time whether it be with friends, family or alone. We at Pet Nanny Main Line wish you all the best!


Christmas Ideas for Pets, Part 2

In our first part post, we provided some ideas with Christmas gifts for pet lovers that were unique, homemade and fun. Today’s post will focus on gifts for our furry and feline friends. Check out these ideas for those hard-to-shop-for pets:

Music and Dancing for your Pets:

  • Via, you can purchase soothing music for your pets, including cats, dogs and birds. Pretty interesting!
  • Have an inkling to re-create those images of dancing dogs you see on YouTube? Well, you can do just that with, where they will teach you how to dance one on one with your dog. Your friends and family will be impressed!

Gifts of Luxury and Pampering:

  • Give your pooch a day at the spa with mobile grooming, or at a pet boutique in your area that will give them a bath in  an invigorating scent like blueberry or lavender, clip their nails, brush them out and dry them off with a blow dryer.
  • For those cold, winter nights: get your pet a self-warming dog bed. It’s also great for dogs that are older, and have muscle and joint problems.
  • Perfume your pet with a great smell with Mungo & Maud Pettite Amand Dog Fragrance, which is also safe for pet owners.
  • Of course, a grooming kit is always an essential tool to give your pet a pampering day at home.


  • Have a pet that sheds way too much and you want to eliminate or reduce your pet’s amount of shedding? Try the Furminator de-shedding tool.
  • Your pet can have their very own water fountain with the Platinum Pet Fountain.
  • Your pet’s old collar getting rusty and worn out, grab the Super Collar, which also has a retractable leash.
  • Disperse solid amounts of food at different times throughout the day for your pet with the Large Automatic Pet Feeder.

Have any new gadgets or luxury items to share with our fellow readers?

Let us know in the comments below! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🙂


Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers and Pets, Part 1

It’s that time of year again to determine what gifts we give our pet lovers, including family, friends and colleagues. It’s difficult enough to decide what gifts to give to our friends and family, so here are some suggestions for the avid pet lover in your life, including your furry friends! This will be a two part series, with the first-half’s focus on gifts for pet lovers and the second part will be featured on gifts for our furry and feline friends.

Ornaments, Tags and Dog Collars: is a really cool place to get nifty and unique items, including:

  • Custom dog or cat ornament
  • Custom ID dog tag
  • Personalized Dog Collars
  • Custom pet and/or with couples ornament

Portrait Pendants, Paintings and Watercolors:

  • Custom portrait
  • Custom pet portrait sterling pendant
  • Watercolor pet portrait

For more ideas, visit the following Etsy link via have several gifts for the enthusiastic pet lover that are different and quirky, including:

Unique Gifts

  • Dog & Cat necklaces
  • Dog Silhouette
  • Dog and Cat Pillows
  • Funny Dog Toy; Tongue & Mustache

For more gifts and information about each one,  visit

Stationery and Photos:

Folks who really want to brag about their pets, can personalize photos with:

  • Cards
  • Stationery
  • Stamps
  • Calendars
  • Stickers
  • Coasters
  • Magnets

To personalize and edit, visit to start your costumizing today!

Do you have any ideas that have been a big hit with your friends and family, with their pets? Let us know!

Read these Tips For Traveling with Pets During the Holidays

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to try and get things scheduled and planned as fast and easiest as possible. If you plan to include your pet(s) in your travels, it’s best to acknowledge their comfort and safety for their and your benefit. In my family, we travel with our pets, and during these cold months, we have to leave the windows down on our truck for our German Shepherd, Lucy, who’s loving the cold weather while looking at the pretty scenery and watching the traffic drive by too. We, on the other hand, are bundled up in several layers of clothing because we love our girl!

While you may not have or want to travel this way, there are several helpful tips and suggestions  to consider while traveling with your pet, whether it be by plane or car. Read on:

Traveling with Dogs:

  • Secure your dog in the backseat with a seat-belt, crate or open area, and DO NOT let them roam about, as that is a hazard to passengers and driver. 
  • Keep blankets or dog beds on the floor to keep pets comfortable.
  • You can even have a dog gate built specifically for your dog to defer them from running freely throughout the vehicle.

Traveling with Cats:

  • Cats HATE traveling, and I speak from experience. They’re more comfortable in their usual home, in their same comfortable spot on the couch, lounge area, etc. 
  • If your cat likes to travel, or your pet has to travel with you during this holiday season, keep your cat in an animal carrier, secured with a seat-belt that’s placed around the carrier’s front.

By plane:

  • Make sure the plane accommodates pets.
  • Check to see what the weight limits are.
  • Bring less food and water because you can get more and what you need at your destination.


  • Let your cat or dog ride shotgun. It’s dangerous and can cause harm to your pet.
  • Let them stick their head out of the window; this is common among many pet owners and see this happen often, and have been guilty of this myself, but am more conscious now.
  • Sticking their head out the window can be very harmful because of flying debris, and other hazards.

Are you planning to travel with your pets this year, or have you traveled with your pets every year, and you have some helpful tips to share with our readers. Let us know!


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