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2015 Cutest Pet Photo Contest

2015 Cutest Dog: Bruce Valentino

Rita and Irwin will receive a $100 credit on their Pet Nanny account that can be used towards future services. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photo and for being such awesome clients! We love Bruce!!!!


2015 Cutest Cats: Louie & Sullivan Alford

Nancy and Stewart will receive a $100 credit on their Pet Nanny account that can be used towards future services. Thanks for sharing the adorable photo of the handsome gents and for being such loyal clients. We love having you as part of The Pet Nanny Family!


2015 Honorable Mention: Hamster Barnes

This wasn’t supposed to be a category, but Erica was kind enough to share this absolutely adorable picture with us. It made my kids giggle and laugh, so I am gifting Erica with a $15 credit to Pet Nanny, which can be applied to her next service. Thanks Erica! Lucy, James, Connor and I had a good laugh!


Thank you so much to everyone who participated! From the bottom of my heart, I love each and every one of your adorable pets and appreciate your continued trust in Pet Nanny. Without you, I would not be able to have this ever-so fulfilling career of mine.

Winner of The Cutest Pet Photo Contest

The Cutest Pet Photo Winner is…

Sandy Newman!!!!

Choosing a winner for this contest was no easy task. We received a very diverse collection of submissions, one as cute as the next, but this picture just spoke to me. I feel like Sandy is looking right at me and that she may even start talking… “Hey Col! Let’s go for a walk and then we can snuggle. Oh, and don’t forget my fresh water and treats.” I just want to kiss her adorable snout.

As the winner of our contest, Robin Newman will receive a $250 gift certificate to Pet Nanny. She can either keep it for herself or gift to another, whichever she prefers.

Robin was kind enough to write a little about Sandy…

Sandy is almost 6 years old and is a Border Collie/Retriever mix.  She is highly intelligent and loves to chase the tennis ball for exercise.  She has also become a fan of the Frisbee since the ball got really hard to find in all the snow.  She knows quite a few commands and is my ‘guardian’.  The Border Collie really comes out in her as she keeps the other 3 dogs in line, especially our youngest and her best buddy Jackson.  She alerts me if one of the other dogs is in trouble, needs help or wants to come in or go out.  Although she is shy at first, she is extremely sweet and affectionate once she knows you.  Not too long ago, my son needed to do a behavioral project for school.  Of course he waited until the last minute.  He needed to teach a behavior to a person or an animal.  We decided the easiest and quickest way to success was to teach Sandy a trick.  He had to film Sandy before learning the command and after learning the command.  He decided to teach Sandy to roll over.  It literally took him 2 minutes before Sandy performed the trick perfectly and he got it on film for his project.  Sandy got him a good grade.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the contest. I absolutely loved all of the photos.

Next year I plan on running the contest a little differently. I most definitely want a cutest cat and cutest dog category and quite possibly some others categories as well. Picking one winner was just way too difficult!

To see some of the other pictures that were submitted to the contest you can visit our Facebook Page.

 If you’re interested in having professional photos taken of your adorable pet, visit Carolyn Noll Photography. She’s the greatest!


Pet Nanny’s Cutest Pet Photo Contest!




 Does your pet have what it takes to win our Cutest Pet Photo Contest?

  • Attention, pet lovers and owners! Get those flashes ready to take your BEST photo, because we’re running one of our biggest contests ever!
  • The winner receives a $250 Gift Card to Pet Nanny Mainline| has no cash value, and expires on 12/31/2014. ALL entries must be received by March 1, 2014.
  • If you haven’t already, “like” our Facebook and get your pet ready for their close-up!

If you are a new Pet Nanny customer, there just may be a surprise waiting for you on our

Facebook page. “Like us” to reveal your savings.

Exclusive Contest And Offer For Pet Nanny Clients and Friends!

Exclusive Contest and Offer for Pet Nanny Clients and Friends! Competition is now over. 

TOP DOG MODEL SEARCH by Jackie Kane Photography

Does your dog beg to be in pictures?  Talented Professional Photographer and Pet Nanny Client Jackie Kane of Jackie Kane Photography by Design has an exciting offer Exclusively for our Furry Friends.

Jackie is looking for a limited number of TOP DOGS to be Photographed and featured in an Exhibit for an Exclusive Project.  As a result, she is offering a FREE Pet Photography Session, normally $199, on a first come basis, with absolutely no obligation for any purchase.

All Photos © COPYRIGHT 2012 Jackie Kane Photography – All Rights Reserved

Jackie tells us her “TOP DOG MODEL SEARCH and FREE Photo Session opportunity is open to breeds of any size. Entries will be judged on your Pet’s “overall appeal” – this IS a “Model Search!  🙂 Extra points will be given for pets who have special skills such as Therapy Dogs, Companion Dogs, Guide Dogs, Frisbee Champions, Hunting, Skateboarding, Dancing, etc.  We’d LOVE to photograph your Dog doing what he/she enjoys the most!

If your dog does none of those things, no worries, just plain “IRRESISTIBLE” scores major points too!”

Those selected will be asked to sign a “Pet Model Release” for Photographer’s use of images, prior to the photo session.  Photography Prints will be available if interested but there is no obligation whatsoever for any purchases.

This would be a great opportunity to get Professional Christmas or Holiday photos taken while saving the $199 Photo Session fee!  Jackie has a wide selection of Christmas, Hanukkah and Holiday photo cards available.


All Photos © COPYRIGHT 2012 Jackie Kane Photography – All Rights Reserved 

TO ENTER:  Send an e-mail to Jackie ( with SUBJECT LINE:  TOP DOG MODEL SEARCH CONTESTANT, please include one (up to three) of your Pet’s recent photos along with a brief description of “Why He/She should be selected as a TOP DOG Model.” Finalists will be contacted by phone, so don’t forget your CONTACT INFO!

WINNERS and results from their NEW “DOGUE Magazine” 🙂 photo shoot will be FEATURED in an upcoming Pet Nanny Ezine!

Please include your City / Town.  Contest open to residents in and surrounding the Pet Nanny service area.

All ENTRIES WILL BE CONFIRMED within 24 hours, to ensure receipt. If you do not receive confirmation, please call Jackie at 610-772-1198.

WINNERS will be determined based on personality (as described), originality and overall appeal.  Enter today, this is a limited opportunity that ends when we have received the right Top Dog Models required for this Exclusive Project!

All Photos © COPYRIGHT 2012 Jackie Kane Photography – All Rights Reserved


All Photos © COPYRIGHT 2012 Jackie Kane Photography – All Rights Reserved

All Photos © COPYRIGHT 2012 Jackie Kane Photography – All Rights Reserved



Jackie is also scheduling Family and/or Pet Photos which make great Christmas and Holiday gifts.  A wide selection of Photo cards are also available, as well as custom framing options, but time is running out to ensure printing and/or delivery by Christmas.  Session availability is already limited, so call today to reserve time for your family and pet!

 OFFER EXPIRES:  DECEMBER 5, 2012, must schedule Family and/or Pet Photo Session by NOVEMBER 15, 2012 for appointments no later than 12/5/12.  $100. photo session credit is applied towards print package.

 Check out Jackie’s website:

                           All Photos © COPYRIGHT 2012 Jackie Kane Photography – All Rights Reserved

“Lab Approved” Photographer

All Photos © COPYRIGHT 2012 Jackie Kane Photography – All Rights Reserved


How To Add Years to Your Pet’s Life

I subscribe to Family Circle, a monthly subscription magazine, that provides family-oriented activities, pet, food advice and other information, among many other subjects revolving around the family. As I was reading, they had a very well-written and informative article about how to add years to your dog’s life, and the article was titled, “Longevity Plan: Five Ways To Add Years To Your Pet’s Life,” with a contest involved as well. There will be more about the contest towards the end of this post.

Several of these tips we have read before, and some we don’t hear enough of; at times, we need a healthy reminder of how to take care of our pets and their well-being. After all, they are our family! There are five tips altogether in the article, but I am including three that I feel are the most important for our readers.

According to writer Lynya Floyd, the number one priority in ensuring longevity for your pet’s life is:

1. Do A Weekly Work-Up-Lynya states that any sign of “abnormalities or red flags, such as pale gums, discharge, or lump, need to be addressed right away with your vet.”

2. Exercise Your Pet– Not only is it good for you, it’s good for your beloved pet too! And what better way, than to stay active with your pet. Like us humans, Floyd has found that “diabetes has increased in 16% of cats and 32% of dogs.” The reason? No or less exercise. Simply walking with your pet, or any cardio activity is essential for your pet.

3. Always Spay and Neuter Your Pet-Not only does this help control pet population, as has been stated numerous times for years, spaying and neutering also adds to the length of their life. Floyd found that “the average life span of a neutered male cat is 40% longer than that of a non-sterilized one,” according to Karen Halligan, D.V.M., the director of veterinary services at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

To read the rest of the article, and find out more tips and what not to spend money on for your pets, please visit:

In reference to a contest Family Circle is running, five readers will win a $100 gift for veterinary visits, with thanks to VPI Pet Insurance. To enter the contest, visit:

How do you add years to your pet(s) life? Let us know in the comments below!

Enter To Win A Professional Animal Photography Set of Pictures!

Who all loves to win stuff? Especially FREE stuff?! I know I do! That’s why we, at Pet Nanny and Pet Watchman, have decided to provide a giveaway/contest.

The giveaway is a set of 10 matte professional animal photography from the lovely and talented, Kathy McBride, of Pet Shotz Photography.These photographs are beautiful and display the intriguing characteristics of various breeds and kinds of dogs, cats, birds, land, and vivid imagery of the land we live in the United States. For more information about PetShotz, please visit Kathy’s website at

The set you will win is:

To enter into this contest, please follow the prompts from the Rafflecopter widget below. The contest starts today and ends at 12:01 a.m. on August 28th, 2012. Have fun entering and happy posting! This competition is now over.


*Disclaimer: All rights are reserved and photographs may not be published or reproduced without Pet Shotz Photography’s written consent.*

InFURvention: A Creative Contest To Become Involved In Your Cat’s Preventative Care

In partnership with the world’s largest vetrinary clinic, Portland, Oregon based Banfield Hospital and Victoria Stillwell are joining together in raising awareness regarding how essential and effective vetrinary visits are for them, with a contest. Along with raising awareness to keep your cat healthy and well, Banfield and Stillwell provide tips and suggestions to understand and know when your cat is not well. Some of these include increased thirst, weight loss, bad breath, and more.

Stillwell is a widely recognized and respected dog trainer, best known for her television show on Animal Planet, It’s Me Or The Dog. Currently, she has launched Victoria Stillwell Positively Dog Training, which connects dog owners to certified world-wide positive reinforcement dog trainers.

To enter this contest, please follow the steps:

1. Create a video of you attempting to place your cat in its carrier, whether successful or not.

2. Use the hashtag #inFURvention in the video’s title.

3. Upload your video to YouTube.

The contest ends on August 17th, and the winner will be given a year’s worth of free preventative care, and an in-home visit from Victoria Stillwell.

This contest is receiving quite a bit of attention whether it be the news or various media outlets. This contest is an important and crucial one as there has been a significant decline in veterinary visits that are extremely vital for the safety and health of a pet. With felines, their health deterioration is much less noticable than it is in dogs, and this is why Banfield wants to focus more attention on cats specifically for this contest. They are also much more difficult in getting them to the veterinarian.

For more information and to enter the contest, click below:


Comment below if you’re entering the contest, and if you have any preventative tips that helped you with your cat. Good luck!

Pet Nanny Refer-Your-Friends Contest!

We appreciate all of our Pet Nanny clients and Facebook friends and want to give you the chance to win a $100 Target gift card to do some last minute Christmas shopping!

To be entered, you have to be a Pet Nanny client and Facebook friend.

Here’s the fun part…..

Refer your local friends (who have pets) to “like” the Pet Nanny Facebook page. All they have to do is leave a comment below and tell us who referred them. Something like “Colleen Sedgwick referred me to Pet Nanny and I have a 1 year old sheltie!”. The more friends you refer, the more entries you have into the contest. We will randomly draw a winner from the comments and the new Pet Nanny fan will receive a $50 Pet Nanny gift certificate and the Pet Nanny client who referred them will win the $100 Target gift card!

This contest ends December 16th.

Rules: The winner of the $100 Target gift card has to be a previous Pet Nanny client and “like” our Facebook page. The winner of the $50 Pet Nanny gift certificate must be a new client and “like” our Facebook page. You can refer as many people as you would like, but they can only leave one comment below letting us know you referred them.

Good luck!

Pet Nanny Halloween Costume Contest!

A few weeks ago, we gave you a few ideas for pet Halloween costumes and since Halloween is quickly approaching, we thought we better put up another photo contest! All you have to do is post a photo of your pet in their Halloween costume to our Facebook page and you could win a $50 gift certificate to Pet Nanny. You can be a new customer or one of our regulars!

Photos will be judged on quality and the best Halloween costume. The deadline to post to our Facebook page is November 7th. Good luck!

Cat Age Quiz and Sweepstakes

Hey all you cat owners, New Hill’s Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying provides breakthrough, tailored nutrition for senior cats – and to celebrate the launch, Hill’s Pet Nutrition is giving owners a coupon to test out the new food along with a chance to win a trip to Canyon Ranch Spa!

Age Defying Coupon: Help keep your senior cat feeling young and vibrant without breaking the bank and receive a coupon for $3 off.

About the New Senior Cat Food: Hill’s Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying cat food provides breakthrough, tailored nutrition for senior cats that is able to:

  • Fight the effects of aging in as little as 30 days
  • Defend the body and brain against aging with an exclusive antioxidant bundle
  • Promotes soft skin and a radiant coat with Omega-6 fatty acids
CatAge Quiz Challenge & Sweepstakes: Log onto and take the new Science Diet CatAge quiz powered by RealAge. By answering simple health and lifestyle questions about your cat, you can determine how old your four-legged friend really is. Additionally, every quiz participant can enter to win thousands of prizes, including a trip to Canyon Ranch Spa! Pet Nanny would love for one of our clients to win this awesome prize (we can watch your furry friends while your away)!

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We take pride in making your pets' well being a priority while you are away from home.

"Carol was very loving and attentive to Chance and Nina. She went out of her way to stay in touch and respond to communications while we were gone. She was cheerfully accommodating when we changed plans for our return date. We are completely satisfied with your service and will be using you again."

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