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Millennials – The Pros and Cons of Pet Ownership

A badge once held by the baby boomers, millennials have taken the lead for most pet-loving generation! Loosely defined as those born between 1980 to 2000, millennials have given pet shelters (and the pet industry) a renewed hope after earlier reports put pet ownership rates down among the Baby Boomer generation. According to the 2015 Global Pet Expo 35.2% of millennials own pets, up a few percentage points from where baby boomers now range.

Early last year reports surfaced that many millennials while being pet lovers, may not be the best pet owners for a variety of reasons:

  • They are more likely to rent and not own, making them subject to lease agreements regarding pets and more likely to have to give up a pet due to a move.
  • 38% of millennials believe that pets can stay safely in shelters until adopted out.
  • They are more likely to be impulse buyers meaning they hit pet shops instead of shelters and frequently end up unprepared for all the duties of pet ownership.

So where do millennials excel as far as pet ownership goes?

Millennials – A Positive New Generation of Pet Owners

  • Social Media – This is a generation that has largely grown up with social media and the internet. They love networking! Shelters should be sure to have a strong presence with informative posts.
  • Social Causes – Millennials are very socially minded and they like to be a part of things that represent the world they’d like to see. From buying things for a good cause to investing in shared economies. Millennials, while they may have a reputation as impulse buyers, they are also conscious buyers and care about where their investment goes. Make sure they know they are doing good when they adopt!
  • Spending – Pet spending has increased steadily over the years and it doesn’t look set to decline anytime soon. Millenials spend more on pets (both spoiling and on medical care) than previous generations.
  • Tech -savvy – Pet owning now is easier than ever with all the great new innovations this tech-savvy generation has pioneered. Micro-chipping, tracking collars, thousands of pet apps and services all make it easier to care for your pet!

Want to know more ways this new generation is defining pet ownership, check this out!

Summer Fun List For Your Pet!

Need some endless summer fun tips for your pet? Now’s the time to take advantage of the great outdoors (or backyard!) and get in some awesome activities with your pet. Check out our awesome list to brighten up the “dog days of summer”, increase the bond with your pet – while staying cool at the same time!

Summer Fun List

  • Kiddie pools are so versatile and fun! Fill one with some water for your pet to splash around in! If they seem a little apprehensive about taking the plunge, toss some of their favorite water friendly treats in!
  • Make pet popsicles! Cheap popsicle trays can be a great way to treat your pet and cool them off! Mix bouillon with water and freeze it for your cats and dogs, or use something fruity for a pet rabbit!
  • Sprinkler and/or slip-n-slides anyone? We think these are self explanatory!
  • Do a search for local geocaches and take your pet out hiking!
  • Explore new dog parks with your pet! Find ones in your area and hit a new park each day to meet new people and explore new spaces!
  • Make a trip to one of these Cat Cafe’s and see what all the rage is about!
  • Get creative! Make pet toys like scratching posts, backyard obstacle courses, or even a little tree house for your cat if you’re feeling ambitious.
  • Drop your pet off for a spa day, and head to one yourself!
  • Leash train your cat and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and exploring with them!
  • Plant pet friendly sprouts in containers for cats or rabbits to nibble on or dig in!
  • Take your pet out for a photo shoot! Consider bringing outfits and/or props?

Do you already have a summer fun list for you and your pet? Share it with us to help inspire others!

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Music for your pet? – You Bet!



How do you think your pet feels about your music? Have you ever left the radio playing when you’re away because you think they find it soothing in your absence? Charles Snowden, an animal psychologist at the University of Wisconsin, says your pet really couldn’t care less what you listen to – it’s just not relatable. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a tune for them though!

What Kind of Music DO They Enjoy?

Animals (people included) enjoy sounds with tones similar to their species vocal range, and tempos similar to their heart rate. It only makes sense that they would need a music of their own! And that’s just what researchers have been working on! Back in 2009, Mr. Snowden teamed up with composer, cellist, and clearly animal lover David Teie, to try their hand at music for animals. After some promising results when they composed songs for monkey’s, they decided to try their hand at pleasing cats. Curious what cat music sounds like? For $1.99 you can purchase cat songs online at Music For Cats. Check out the video below for a sampling, or order the full album from their website!

What about music for dogs? Turns out dogs are a bit trickier than cats to please, since there are so many breeds with varying tones and heart rates. It is suspected, however, that large dogs may respond to human tunes since their vocal ranges are closer to that of human males. Just don’t suspect your chihuahua to respond very favorably!

With advancements like this, maybe one day you’ll tune your radio into a special station just for your pet before you head out the door. It also may come in handy for pets scared of thunderstorms, or for use in vet’s offices to calm nerves. Something tells me, we won’t find it that relatable though!

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Licking – Why Does Your Pet Do It?

Whether you’ve got a cat, dog, or bunny, there is likely to be licking involved in their interaction with you. What does it mean, though? How about when they lick other things? You’re questions answered about all that pet slobber!


Busting the Licking Mystery


Aside from grooming themselves, the average rabbit does a whole lot of licking. Rabbits practice altruistic grooming when bonded with another rabbit – or an “FLR” (funny looking rabbit) = YOU! They are social and territorial animals with a defined hierarchy. There is always a dominant rabbit, and this dominant rabbit must be groomed by its subordinates (again, you…). However, once a rabbit has picked its partner, they will return the grooming and you may get a good bath once in a while! While rabbits typically only have one bonded partner, they will frequently lick objects around other rabbits to show they are fond of them, while maintaining their dominance. Rabbits often lick items that belong to their favorite people, and frequently explore the world with their little bunny tongues!


Cats too, lick to show affection. Their affection is always as limited as the rabbits though and they may have many people or other animals that they are fond of. Grooming solidifies bonding and is a great compliment.  Cats also really like salt and humans (especially after a sweaty day) will often taste salty. Unlike rabbits, cats will not frequently lick inanimate objects, unless they have something tasty on them! On rare occasions, a cat may lick/groom out of anxiety. If you notice them licking compulsively to the point of bald patches in their fur, they are likely trying to comfort themselves and it’s important that you talk to your vet about underlying problems.


Dogs might be the kings of licking. They need few reasons to break the slobbery tongue out to show you, or sometimes anyone, a little affection. Like rabbits, they lick for affection. Like cats, they also lick for salt. Dogs will often lick to get your attention too, though you may not always realize it. If they start licking you for not other apparent reason, see if you can figure out if they need something. While not given the credit of a cat or rabbit, dogs will also groom themselves some with their tongues. Dog saliva also contains healing and antibacterial enzymes that make licking wounds a vital part of the healing process.
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Wedding Bells & Furry Tails – Including Your Dog!

With everything in bloom and the beautiful weather, late Spring and early Summer are peak season for outdoor weddings! Pet-friendly venues give an opportunity for the wedding party and guests to include their furry companions. The hustle and bustle of the big day can make it easy to overlook some considerations if you intend on having your dog in (or attending) your wedding. Read through these tips to make it a great day for you AND your pet!

Wedding Tips for Dogs

  • Consider the outfit – Not yours silly, your dogs! Whether it’s an actual outfit or just a festive collar its super important to make sure that your pet is comfortable. You don’t want to wait till the wedding day to find out that they hate it and tear and pull at it constantly. Pick something that fits them well and isn’t too hot, then have them wear it around the house in the days leading up to the event. This will help them feel comfortable and prevent and “faux paws”.
  • Have a Pet Nanny – Make sure that you have either hired or that someone in your wedding party is acting as the “Pet Nanny”. You’re going to be far too busy and distracted to keep up with your pet and make sure they are taken care of. Someone will need to dress them, pick up after them, and make sure they are fed and watered!
  • Keep them in their comfort zone – If your pet is anti-social, has anxiety, can be territorial reconsider including them. A wedding is often an occasion of high activity, with lots of loud and unfamiliar sounds and faces. If your pet isn’t a social butterfly, think twice before subjecting them to so much stimulation.
  • Know the dangers – Be sure to keep your pet out of the reception area where they may end up snacking on dropped foods. Keep your pets safety in mind when choosing your flowers and decorations as some plants are poisonous and some decorations can be choking hazards, if you got yourself a chewer!
  • Be mindful of guests – Make it known that your pooch will be part of the wedding party. Some guests with allergies may need to make special arrangments.

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Pet Peeves – What Our Pets Do To Annoy Us

We may love their furry faces and are willing to do just about anything for them, but admit it – sometimes your pet gets on your nerves. In fact, the complaints about cats, dogs, and even rabbits, seem to be pretty consistent. Our pets might annoy us, but even these little pet peeves are endearing for how they show personality! If anyone out there is an ambassador to the pet world, here are some of the top “pet peeves” to please pass along!

  • Dear Cat… I was excited to see you when I got home and really wanted to cuddle on the couch but you were too busy taking a bath in a remote part of the house. Now that I need to focus on work/homework/anything really, you’re all purrs and cuddles right in my face.
  • Dear Dog… You are a creature of nature. We go on walks regularly, I’m pretty sure that a leaf/rock/stick has never attacked you nor I. Barking at it is pointless.
  • Dear Cat… I’m making a mental note that pouncing on your face while you’re in a deep sleep is considered a type of “fun”. Is this why you prefer to sleep out of reach?
  • Dear Bunny… That’s the same litter box it’s always been. It’s not a predator in disguise. Why you have to randomly tip-toe up to it before deciding not to trust it and peeing on the floor next to it I’ll never understand.
  • Dear Dog… Please stop dramatically requesting to go outside to potty, then just sitting down outside instead.
  • Dear Dog… It’s not polite to stare – especially at someone who is eating.
  • Dear Cat… Please relinquish your hidden stash of my pens/hair ties/socks.
  • Dear Bunny… Thumping the house awake at 3AM is no way to get nose rubs

Give us a snapshot of your pet’s personality by sharing your biggest “pet peeves” with us!

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Traveling With Your Pet In Tow!

Spring Break is right around the corner and so is traveling! Whether you’ve got a road trip planned or are waiting for summer, there are a lot of awesome pet-accommodating services out there ready to make your trip with pet in tow a breeze! But how will you know how to find them? Which hotels allow pets? What about vet offices if your pet gets sick while traveling? Fortunately, for the traveling pet owner of the future (being now) there are websites dedicated to nothing more than letting you know about all these wonderful things and more!

Websites To Ease Traveling With Your Pet – Aptly named, this website allows you to pick a state and city, then shows you all the pet-friendly accommodations you have to choose from! – For the international pet, this website takes traveling seriously. They share airline policies for flying with pets, information on pet passports, checklists, hotels, insurance. They also offer tips about pet safety, a travel store, and so, so much more! A great resource! – Here you can choose the state your traveling to or through and see top pet-friendly destinations. They are just listed here though, Each location includes a description of the area and experience by the curators of the site! If you’re not happy just trusting the term “pet-friendly” on a listing, hearing actual experiences at is the place for you! – This site is also a good location for international traveling or even temporary relocation. They help you find pet-friendly apartments, condos, pet sitters, kennels, grooming, restaurants, attractions, shopping and more! What a list! – This site lets you search both in specific cities, but also within a radius of it. If your traveling to Denver, CO, but aren’t looking for in-the-city accommodations, is a great option! They also offer a collection of informative articles to help you and your pet traverse the globe worry free!

Tell us about your favorite resources for vacationing with your pet, share pictures, and help us grow the pet-friendly world! Check out these helpful tips for flying with your pet too!

Gardening For Your Pet – Grow Your Own Treats!

As March creeps closer one can’t help but feel Spring fever take hold and the pull to do a little gardening! Whether you live in the city or out in the sticks there is a gardening style to suit both you and your pet! Each pet has their own personality so try a few options from your grocery store to find out their preferences and then get busy planting!

Gardening for your Pet

The Urban Gardner: Here you may be restrained to window or balcony boxes and indoor planters. That doesn’t mean you can’t grow pet-friendly treats and snacks! Catnip is a given. It’s easy to cultivate, pretty and green, and drives kitties crazy! Bunnies also like to give it a nibble. Lemongrass and any variety of mint are also favorites for cats, rabbits, and even some dogs! Trays of wheat grass are an attractive multi-pet friendly option for indoor gardening and can be found at most pet supply shops!

Gardening for your pets!

The Backyard Gardener: If you’ve got a little space like a fenced in courtyard or a full backyard garden your options expand a lot! Many of the indoor varieties listed above are also great options for outdoor gardening. Lavender is a lovely fragrant plant that some dogs enjoy chewing. Other common vegetable garden plants dogs enjoy include spinach, pumpkins, green beans, melons, carrots, blueberries, and even sweet potatoes!  Cats often love to nibble thyme and it’s a great culinary herb for cooking! Try broccoli and zucchini as well (just don’t place a cucumber behind them)! Got a bunny hopping around? Plant a nice patch of parsley and kale – two rabbit favorites!

Some precautions: If your pet is going to be playing in your potted or outdoor plants, make sure that the plant leaves and soil are free from pesticides or fertilizers Be sure to always do your research before you introduce your pet to vegetation. Lots of house and garden plants can be poisonous!

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Happiness – A Lesson Best Learned From Your Pet

Pets might not talk human talk, but a quiet observation could tell us a lot about finding happiness! Dogs, cats, bunnies, and all creatures big or small have something to teach us about life’s greatest pursuit. Let’s listen!

Top Tips To Finding Happiness, From Your Pet

Take Naps – Lots of them. Every time the mood strikes you, no matter where you’re at.
Don’t be afraid to look silly – When you’re focused on the happiness of the moment, you’re not worried how others see you.
Show your love – Don’t play coy or hard to get. If you are happy to see someone, show it and show it often! (Try to not lick their face or pee on the floor though…)
Never stop playing – Make time every day for something you enjoy doing, no matter how old you are.
Love unconditionally, forgive – Pets don’t hold grudges and they’ll love you even if you don’t give them the time or treats you should.
Ask for what you need – Don’t be afraid to come right out and say it. It’s the best chance you have at getting what you need.
Be a problem solver – If there is a way out of an enclosure, or into the treat bag, your pet will find it. Solve your problems with the same determination!
Be thrilled with simple things – your pet finds happiness with relatively little. A chew stick? stuffed animal? or just having you near. Find simple things that make you happy and appreciate them.
Take a bath – Let it be a relaxing moment to reflect on yourself!

Make this face at least once a day for maximum happiness!

Be loyal – Don’t be looking for the next newest and greatest. Find a friend, partner, or pet that treats you well and commit yourself.
Live in the now – Do you think when you’re hanging with your pet they’re wondering about what’s for dinner? or they’re plans for tomorrow? Enjoy each moment for what it has to offer, not constantly thinking about the next.
Body language says a lot – Pet’s don’t game with a poker face. They express themselves through their body language and you should too!
Take walks and be a part of nature, not apart from it – Don’t get lost in the human world! Look at the leaves, smell the air, see how the sun reflects off the water and enjoy the simple things around you. Do it daily!
Don’t be bitter – Have you ever met a bitter pet? A pet that was upset because they didn’t catch that mouse or get to go for a ride? Learn to let things go and find your contentment!
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Valentine’s Day – How Your Pet Shows Their Love

Valentine’s Day is just under a month away! What better way to spend the holiday than with a furry friend who offers unconditional love? Whether single or attached, don’t overlook your pet this year! Be sure to appreciate the many ways our pets show they love us this Valentine’s Day – and year round!

Signs of Pet Love this Valentine’s Day


Valentine's Day Pet Love!
Valentine’s Day Pet Love!

Gifts – While you may enjoy that yummy box of chocolates your partner got you for Valentine’s Day, its the thought that counts right? Don’t overlook the affection behind the many “gifts” your cat may bring you year-round. A lizard, mouse, or other small creature is your cat’s way of showing they’ve been thinking about you. Dogs will also show affection by bringing you their most prized toy.

Welcome Home! – Dogs, cats, rabbits, and many other pets know the sound of your vehicle pulling up or your key in the door! It would be hard for any human to match the excitement a pet can show when you walk through the door! Leaping into your arms, slobbering all over your face, or binkies!

Adorable Body Language – Sure your pet may wag their tail at a friendly mailman or purr when anybody takes the time to sit down and offer some petting, but some body language is saved just for you! Dogs will often lean against you as a sign of companionship and act protective of you or your things. Cats may let just anyone pet them, but getting a good grooming is usually saved for their number one human. Same with rabbits!

The Head Butt – Cats are known for rubbing themselves around your legs but the head butt is a special sign of affection. Rabbits do a similar technique with their noses. While a bunny nose bump can sometimes be a bossy demand for something, it’s also frequently an acknowledgement and show of respect and companionship!

Attached At The Hip – When your pet loves you they want to be where ever you are. Even if you’re not interacting with them, they like to know that you are near. If your pet frequently follows you from room to room and likes to nap near you, it’s a sign of love.

The Dance – Just about every pet has a personality specific happy dance. Some may be modest like flicks of a tail coupled with a purring meow to down right exhibitionists like a pooch bouncing on their hind legs or a bunny circling you with binkies!

When a pet loves you they just can’t help but show it! Don’t play coy! This Valentine’s Day (and every day!) show your pet that their love is reciprocated in the most unashamed fashion you can muster!
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