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Growing Pains – How To Raise A Happy Pet

Growing with your pet can be an amazing experience. Kittens, puppies, baby bunnies – whatever your style watching them grow and learn is a real treat! On occasion though, two different species coming together, each trying to learn about the other so they can co-habitat in harmony, can cause a few growing pains. So what can you expect to struggle with from your new young pet? Check out our list of common growing pains!

What Traits Do You Need To Help Your Growing Pet?

Patience – No matter what kind of pet you’re raising up for a companion the key virtue you need to have is patience! Growing pets need thoughtful discipline and the only way to achieve thoughtful (as opposed to “in the moment” discipline is to understand that your pet has no way of understanding the concept of how much that shoe they just ruined cost, or what a big deal it is to stain the carpet. They have to learn that there are unacceptable behaviors, but one thing they DON’T need to learn is to fear you.

Growing kittens need patience!

Consistency – While training a growing pet it is of the highest importance that you are consistent. This applies to both disciplining them consistently for wrong behavior, rewarding good behavior, and being on a regular schedule. It can be hard to train a puppy to do their business outside when you leave for random long periods of time and know one is there to tend to them. When you get a new pet, it’s important that your life is stable so they learn your routine. If you can’t be there to attend to you growing pets needs, make sure you can higher a pet sitter or have a willing friend who can.

The Value of Distraction – While with some pets implementing a regular, consistent discipline is ideal, other pets don’t respond to that well at all. Rabbits are one of those pets that you just can’t discipline. Due to their nature as a prey animal instead of a predator (like most other pets) they are much more sensitive. They don’t perceive punishment as “discipline” but rather as “danger”, and they will learn to avoid you as a threat. With rabbits, your best method of approach is to distract them from their bad behavior. If they are nosing around where they aren’t supposed to be, lure them with a treat somewhere else! provide them with plenty of toys and areas to act out their natural instincts.

Understand your pets nature – Puppies and bunnies have an urge to chew, kitties need to scratch things. These are simple facts of having a pet. Don’t set your pet up for failure by leaving expensive shoes or electronics around for little teeth. Limit your pets roaming area, keep them under careful watch, and make sure that you have provided them with an environment free from as many bad temptations as possible. Make sure your new pet has toys and areas to act out their instincts, free from admonishment. Remember, you’re supposed to be the higher intellect.

photo credit: pet24 via photopin (license)
photo credit: You sneaky rabbit! via photopin (license)

2015 Cutest Pet Photo Contest

2015 Cutest Dog: Bruce Valentino

Rita and Irwin will receive a $100 credit on their Pet Nanny account that can be used towards future services. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photo and for being such awesome clients! We love Bruce!!!!


2015 Cutest Cats: Louie & Sullivan Alford

Nancy and Stewart will receive a $100 credit on their Pet Nanny account that can be used towards future services. Thanks for sharing the adorable photo of the handsome gents and for being such loyal clients. We love having you as part of The Pet Nanny Family!


2015 Honorable Mention: Hamster Barnes

This wasn’t supposed to be a category, but Erica was kind enough to share this absolutely adorable picture with us. It made my kids giggle and laugh, so I am gifting Erica with a $15 credit to Pet Nanny, which can be applied to her next service. Thanks Erica! Lucy, James, Connor and I had a good laugh!


Thank you so much to everyone who participated! From the bottom of my heart, I love each and every one of your adorable pets and appreciate your continued trust in Pet Nanny. Without you, I would not be able to have this ever-so fulfilling career of mine.

Gifts For Your Pet – A Holiday Guide – Pet Nanny

As the Holiday shopping season rambles on many pet parents are out there searching for last minute gifts to adorn their pet, cozy pet beds, toys and treats! As the pet sized elf hats and holiday sweaters sell out consider these gift options to make your pet’s Christmas a treat! As an added bonus the purchase of these gifts do good on a bigger scale than  your living room on Christmas morning!

Pet Gifts That Give

  • BarkBox – A subscription to this service not only ensures that you and your pet get a monthly box of goodies throughout the year to come, but a portion of the proceeds go toward helping with spay and neuter programs as well as  military dog organizations.
  • Under the Olive Tree Oil – When mixed with your pets food this oil can ensure a healthy coat. It can also help with skin allergies and boost immunity. Think of it as a doggie cosmetic! 10% of their proceeds go to local animal charities in Virginia.
  • Luv-a-Pet Holiday BlanketThis blanket is great for snuggling up with your kitty, keeping a puppy warm or letting a bunny nest around in. Plus PetSmart charities gets 10% of each purchase!
  • DJ Cat Scratching Pad – This awesome kitty toy is offered through ASPCA’s online store and proceeds from it go toward preventing animal abuse across the nation. Not only a blast for your house cats, but a unique idea!

Want to help animals with every gift you buy this year? Download the iGive app and anytime you spend money at one of the over 1500 participating businesses a portion of your purchase goes to your charity of choice, at no extra cost to you!

Also, if you’re giving a pet this year instead of buying for one, don’t forget to shop your local animal shelters first! Give a pet a second chance at a loving home is just about the best way you can give back to the animal world!

Referrals Make the Best Clients!

Cash in on Referrals

Pet Nanny goes bananas over referrals! We absolutely love them! Why? Because new customer’s that are referred to us by happy customer’s make the very best clients.
Pet Nanny already has a very generous Referral Program in place, but this month I’ve decided to sweeten the pot by offering even greater referral rewards.
During the month of March…
  • If you refer a Monthly Mid Day Walking Customer that signs up with Pet Nanny, I’m going to gift you a $100 Pet Nanny credit.
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  • This “Irish Blessing” expires on 3/31/2014.
  • There is no limit to the amount of credits you can receive, so cash in on this pot of gold!

Click the pot of gold below to Refer a Friend to Pet Nanny


Christmas Ideas for Pets, Part 2

In our first part post, we provided some ideas with Christmas gifts for pet lovers that were unique, homemade and fun. Today’s post will focus on gifts for our furry and feline friends. Check out these ideas for those hard-to-shop-for pets:

Music and Dancing for your Pets:

  • Via, you can purchase soothing music for your pets, including cats, dogs and birds. Pretty interesting!
  • Have an inkling to re-create those images of dancing dogs you see on YouTube? Well, you can do just that with, where they will teach you how to dance one on one with your dog. Your friends and family will be impressed!

Gifts of Luxury and Pampering:

  • Give your pooch a day at the spa with mobile grooming, or at a pet boutique in your area that will give them a bath in  an invigorating scent like blueberry or lavender, clip their nails, brush them out and dry them off with a blow dryer.
  • For those cold, winter nights: get your pet a self-warming dog bed. It’s also great for dogs that are older, and have muscle and joint problems.
  • Perfume your pet with a great smell with Mungo & Maud Pettite Amand Dog Fragrance, which is also safe for pet owners.
  • Of course, a grooming kit is always an essential tool to give your pet a pampering day at home.


  • Have a pet that sheds way too much and you want to eliminate or reduce your pet’s amount of shedding? Try the Furminator de-shedding tool.
  • Your pet can have their very own water fountain with the Platinum Pet Fountain.
  • Your pet’s old collar getting rusty and worn out, grab the Super Collar, which also has a retractable leash.
  • Disperse solid amounts of food at different times throughout the day for your pet with the Large Automatic Pet Feeder.

Have any new gadgets or luxury items to share with our fellow readers?

Let us know in the comments below! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🙂


Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers and Pets, Part 1

It’s that time of year again to determine what gifts we give our pet lovers, including family, friends and colleagues. It’s difficult enough to decide what gifts to give to our friends and family, so here are some suggestions for the avid pet lover in your life, including your furry friends! This will be a two part series, with the first-half’s focus on gifts for pet lovers and the second part will be featured on gifts for our furry and feline friends.

Ornaments, Tags and Dog Collars: is a really cool place to get nifty and unique items, including:

  • Custom dog or cat ornament
  • Custom ID dog tag
  • Personalized Dog Collars
  • Custom pet and/or with couples ornament

Portrait Pendants, Paintings and Watercolors:

  • Custom portrait
  • Custom pet portrait sterling pendant
  • Watercolor pet portrait

For more ideas, visit the following Etsy link via have several gifts for the enthusiastic pet lover that are different and quirky, including:

Unique Gifts

  • Dog & Cat necklaces
  • Dog Silhouette
  • Dog and Cat Pillows
  • Funny Dog Toy; Tongue & Mustache

For more gifts and information about each one,  visit

Stationery and Photos:

Folks who really want to brag about their pets, can personalize photos with:

  • Cards
  • Stationery
  • Stamps
  • Calendars
  • Stickers
  • Coasters
  • Magnets

To personalize and edit, visit to start your costumizing today!

Do you have any ideas that have been a big hit with your friends and family, with their pets? Let us know!

Save Money with your Pets by Reducing Pet Care Myths Cost

Are you subjected to purchasing items you don’t need for your pet because you’ve heard certain stigmas attached to it that you think are true? Well, you’re not alone. We all do it, but many myths are just heresay, passed down from generation to generation, and often become distorted or “old wives tales” that bear no alliance of truth whatsoever. Recently, a local news station in Kansas City provided a brief summary of those pet care myths that are the most common to believe among pet owners. They are as follows:

  • Do you really need to purchase hypoallergenic shampoos and other pet products? These shampoos might reduce the amount of shedding (but nothing eliminates it), because all dogs and cats shed, although different breeds shed more than others.


  • Are baths not needed for pets? Baths are needed at least weekly to reduce shedding and help them smell better. Plus, it’s good for their hygiene, like it’s good for the owner too. 


  • Do you really need a specific pet shampoo? Yes, human shampoo is not good for your pet’s coat, as you will more than likely end up at your vet’s office asking them how to relieve your pet’s skin rash and dander. Pet shampoo is specifically made for their fur. Quite simple: human shampoo damages their fur. 


  • Can cats really clean their own teeth? No, because their teeth can rot down the road, and relieving rotting teeth can be much more expensive than providing proper dental care for your pet. 


Listen to your vet and their recommendations. They know what’s best for your pet in the long run, and can save you thousands of dollars, along with time.

Do you know of any other pet care myths that you’ve believed or know others have before? Share with our network so they can save additional time and money!


New Photo and Video ‘Hero Pet’ challenge brought to you by Purina ONE and GOOD


Announced in a PR Newswire press release in Los Angeles, Purina ONE and GOOD have teamed together to recruit ‘hero pets’ that have made a difference in their owners or other people’s lives. The hero and video challenge is aptly titled “Hero Pets to the Rescue”. Pet owners have until November 11 to submit a photo or video, including their pets story about “how their cat or dog has helped someone in need.” Afterwards, the panel of judges will submit 15 applicants that they think are the best candidates to proceed to the finalist round.

The GOOD community will vote on the 15 finalists between December 2 through December 9, 2013. The pet hero with the most votes will receive a one-supply of Purina ONE brand pet food,  a featured story on to share their pet’s story, and a $5,000 donation to one of the four pet-service non-profit organizations; Pet Partners, Support Dogs Inc., New Horizons Service Dogs, Inc. or Working Dogs for Conservation.

At Purina ONE, we’re always striving to highlight the positive difference pets make in everyone’s life,” said Christina Schneider, Assistant Brand Manager, Purina ONE. “Whether in small ways or in bigger ways, all cats and dogs are heroes to the people who love them. We look forward to seeing the inspiring stories that pet owners submit to the ‘Hero Pets to the Rescue’ Challenge.

“Our partnership with Purina ONE has celebrated the many ways that pets change our lives, and we’re constantly amazed by how pets help people with even just the smallest of gestures. We’re excited to recognize the heroes that pets are,” said Jay Ku, Head of Partnerships, GOOD.

Details on how to enter the contest:

  • Submit a brief story and/or video about how your pet has been a hero to someone.
  • The website to enter is:
  • Entry deadline is November 11, 2013.
  • The winner will be announced on or before December 16, 2013.

For more information about the contest, Purina ONE and GOOD, copy and paste the link below in your browser:

Kibbles N’ Bits Host Contest for Parent-Canine Communication

Kibbles N’ Bits dog food wants your participation for a contest that requires pet owners to put on their best “doggie voice” and be entered to win $5,000 and a lifetime supply of Kibbles N’ Bits dog food. The contest is a result of survey conducted for Kibbles N’ Bits exclusively by Kelton Research. The research found that pet owners speaking to their dog is “nearly two in five (38 percent) of those who use a different voice when talking to their dogs have accidentally used it when speaking to people!”

Mealtime is also an important aspect of their dog’s routine and affects how parent’s speak to their canines. A whopping 48 percent of dog parents admitted using their “doggie voice” during mealtime. Forty-eight percent also state that their dog has a different bark when he or she is hungry.

To enter the contest and show off your best “doggie voice,” record a video of you speaking to your canine and enter the “Capture Your Bits of Love” contest beginning now through Juney 9th.

For more information, visit the website below:;_ylt=A2KJ2Ui4A5NRmmUAUh3QtDMD

Treat your Pets with Valentine’s goodies

The day of love that is nationally known is not just for couples, but for your very lovable pets who love to be loved too. While it may seem unusual to pamper your pet, some owners enjoy to have any excuse, whether it be Valentine’s Day or just a regular day,to pamper their pet. Needing some ideas to pamper your pet? Check out our recommendations for several really great ideas, as well as products featured in our Happy and Healthy Pet Boutique.

  • Heart-shaped dog treats, which can be easily homemade or ordered through any custom or mainstream retailer.
  • Heart-dotted cat collars and heart-shaped dog tags are popular on the ASPCA website.
  • Adoption is a big focus too; with so many animals without a home and in animal shelters, they want and need love too, so check out your local animal shelter, as well as adoption fairs for pets, and make sure you know the responsibility of a pet before adopting.
  • Treat your pooch or feline to a new supplemental diet with our Wholistic line of dog and cat food products, along with delicious treats, as well as gifts and collectibles.Have any ideas you want to share that you gave your pet; is there a gift you gave them that they absolutely loved? We’d love to hear from you!
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