Summer Heat – Keeping Your Pets Safe This Season!

Most of the United States will suffer from at least a few days of seemingly unbearable summer heat at some point this season. Whether your fortunate enough to only endure a few days of it, or one of the many who will endure a whole season of soaring thermometers, you’ll want to be certain to know how to keep your pets safe. You might think you’re hot, but remember your pet has a fur coat on! Check out these signs of heat exhaustion in pets and be certain to follow these steps to help prevent it!

Summer Heat Tips For Pets

  • Brush your pet regularly! Many animals will shed during the first part of the summer heat and removing  that extra hair from their coat will both help keep them cooler and keep them from ingesting so much of it during their regular grooming! Feel free to trim long haired breeds!
  • Plenty of water! We know this seems like an obvious tip, but many people get in the habit of refreshing their pets water based on winter consumption. How much your pet drinks during the  summer will often greatly increase so be sure to check their water more often than usual. Also, make sure it’s fresh and try to keep it in the shade. Maybe even freeze a bottle of water and place it in your outdoor pets water bowl to help keep their water cool.
  • Make sure your pet has plenty of shade! And we don’t mean just a dog house to get in. They need to have access to full shade and open air at all points during the day. A dog house in full sun offers little to no relief for pets during the peak of summer heat.
  • Try spraying down a shaded area a couple times a day for your pet to lounge in, or place a little kiddie pool in the shade! Staying moist is a great way to deal with summer heat.
  • Watch out for hot sidewalks and streets while walking your pet! Most animals feet are tougher than humans, but they can still find the hot sidewalks or asphalt to be uncomfortable or painful. Try walking your pet in the grass if possible. Or talk walks in the morning before the summer heat has taken hold.

Keeping Cool in the Summer HeatRemember to keep an eye out for odd behavior in your pet and check on them frequently. Also never ever leave your pet alone in a vehicle on a hot day! Even with a window cracked the temperatures inside a car will skyrocket in a very short period of time. Preparing for the summer heat ensures you and your pet a great healthy season!


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