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Autumn Awareness – Beware of New Dangers

Summer may still be with us, but in two weeks the Autumn Equinox will be here! The crisp tinge in the air has a way of putting everyone in “prep mode” for winter. Hopefully, you’ve already secured your pets winter home (if not, check out our helpful blog here). As you’re prepping your own property against the coming cold,  keep these new hazards in mind!

Autumn Saftey Awareness

  • Antifreeze – Getting your vehicle ready for cold weather is an important step. Be sure to keep your pet out of the garage or area where your vehicle is kept. Antifreeze is deadly and irresistibly delicious to your pet. Store extra antifreeze out of your pets range, hose off any spills, and make sure there are no leaks.
  • Fall Decor – As wreaths and miniature pumpkins debut across the country, ensure you aren’t introducing any new choking or tangle hazards. Be cautious with potpourri and other scent items too!
  • Mouse Poison – As Autumn approaches, those little buggers love to try building snug little nests in our homes, basements, attics, and garages. If you put out any type of poison be certain it is not where your pet can get to it. Stay mindful of it too. It’s easy to forget that you put it out and then move something a month or two later, allowing your pet access.
  • Medication – With Autumn comes the cold & flu season. Keep cough medicines, antibiotics, inhalers, and all other related items are far out of your pet’s reach at all times. Many people are prone to leaving these items on the bedside table or bathroom counter – easy spots for a playful pet to access!
  • Heaters – If you use space heaters anywhere in your home, keep the cords safely tucked away! Be sure your pet can’t get burned if they get too close too. Do you have a fireplace? Make sure you have a screen to prevent your pet from approaching it!

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