Adopt A Cat Month Is Here!

Adopt A Cat Checklist!

June is national Adopt-A-Cat-Month! Been thinking about getting a kitty (or a new kitty) for some time? June is the month to act! Shelters are frequently packed with kittens from unexpected Spring litters in June looking for a forever home – and that home could be yours! Not sure about it though? Don’t want to make a commitment you may not be ready for? Check out our list of things you should do or prepare for BEFORE you adopt.

Make sure your house is “cat-friendly”

  • Do you already own pets? If so, do you think they will respond favorable or hostile toward a new addition?
  • If you rent, make sure that pets are allowed and pay any required deposits!
  • Make sure you’re in the habit of keeping potential hazards out of a cats reach; medication, cosmetics, household cleaners, etc.
  • Cats are climbers and jumpers! Don’t keep fragile items of value where they could be knocked over.
  • Make sure your plants aren’t poisonous and take necessary steps to keep a new kitty from making it their litter box

Have the necessary accessories

  • Litter box with litter, scoop, and a mat or cover if needed
  • Food and water dishes with age appropriate food
  • Toys! If you don’t want all your household items to become toys, make sure you supply some!
  • Scratch posts – save your furniture and invest now!
  • Ensure there is a “Kitty Space”

Designate an area in your home for your new kitty

This can be a laundry or utility area or any place where there is easy clean up and you can preferably close off to some degree. Yes, your kitty will get to roam the house, but this will allow them to get accustomed to a going to a specific area to get their needs met; bathroom, food, scratching, and such. It also allows for a safe space that a new pet can feel safe in while they adjust!

Choose a vet and budget accordingly

Finding a vet now will help you keep your kitty healthy for the long term. Costs will vary depending on the age of cat you choose to adopt. Kittens will likely need wormers, and shots. If your shelter has kittens under 12 weeks, you will need to get them spayed or neutered yourself. And don’t forget about flea and tick control if you’re going to have an indoor/outdoor cat.

Consider a finding a good pet sitter too! You will inevitably have time when you won’t be able to be there for your kitty as much as you’d like to. A pet sitter will make sure your pet is fed, the litter box is clean, and that they get some good play time in! Most importantly adopt a kitty whose personality fits you! Spend some time with each one you’re considering and choose the best fit for your lifestyle!

photo credit: Take me home via photopin (license)

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