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4 Reasons to Use CBD for Dogs Under Stress

If we notice that our dog is stressed, we want to do everything in our power to make our furry buddy feel safe. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options on the market that will help with this problem. Thankfully, there is one great and effective aid: CBD.

But, why should owners use CBD for dogs under stress? There are so many reasons why it is the best solution for an anxious pooch, and we’ll name the four most important ones!

1. CBD can calm the dog and help with anxiety

Yes, dog anxiety is a real thing. Whether separation, trauma, or something else caused it, it’s important that we do everything we can to help our pets. That’s where CBD comes in. CBD oil has amazing calming properties and it will quickly make our buddies feel better.

But, how does CBD oil calm the pooch? Well, the science is clear on that matter. The oil has the power to affect the ECS in a dog’s body. ECS is a system that plays a major role in functions such as sleep, appetite, memory, and mood. CBD can influence receptors that are connected to the ECS to send different messages in order to help with balancing the pet’s emotions. As a result, our best friend will be more relaxed and will react better in stressful situations.

2. CBD oil can help with the pain

Another reason that a pooch can be stressed is the chronic pain that it constantly feels. Even though this situation might seem unsolvable, owners will be happy to know that there is a way to help their dog.

CBD oil can also have positive effects on receptors that are responsible for experiencing pain. It can treat seizures and even some symptoms of cancer. Furthermore, the oil has the ability to soothe the inflammation and the dog’s immune system after surgery, which will help the pet stay active.

CBD is especially useful for dogs that have issues which can’t be solved with regular meds. Thus, dog owners should seriously consider using CBD for dogs under stress and pain, because it can really help a pooch feel much better.

3. CBD oil isn’t toxic

Even though CBD is proven to have amazing health benefits, there are still many people that don’t know much about this component. That is why there is a misconception that CBD can have harmful effects on dogs.

The truth is, CBD isn’t the same as marijuana. Therefore, it isn’t psychoactive and it won’t make the pooch high. So, dog owners don’t have to worry about toxins related to THC. CBD has amazing relaxing properties without the dangerous side effects of marijuana!

4. CBD oil is legal in every US state

Another reason why CBD is a great solution lies in the fact that it is legal everywhere in the United States. That’s because Farm Bill in 2018 made hemp legal for consumption.

Hemp is any plant that belongs to the family of cannabis but doesn’t contain more than 0.3% THC. In most cases, CBD oil is derived from hemp and doesn’t contain much or any THC. Thus, it’s completely safe and legal to use in the US.

More benefits of using CBD for dogs

CBD can have amazing health benefits even for dogs that aren’t under stress. For example, if a dog has nausea or has trouble eating, CBD can help by increasing the appetite. As a result, the pooch will be able to ingest the necessary nutrients and stay healthy.

Furthermore, owners with an older dog know how important it is to protect their friend’s brain at that age. CBD oil ensures that a pooch is in great shape for a long time by helping brain cells function normally.

Final thoughts

Every owner wants the same thing: to protect their best friend. Luckily, that task is easier now that CBD has come into play. CBD has the ability to make a pooch calmer and help with anxiety as well as relieve our buddies from pain.

In addition, it is legal in the United States, and it isn’t toxic or psychoactive, which makes it completely safe for the pet. Besides these benefits, CBD is also great for dogs that aren’t under stress.