Bee Sting? The Common Threat to Your Pet!

All that playful pet curiosity can come at a painful price! Exploring the world often puts your pet in close contact with creepy crawlies and flying insects. Do you know how to help your pet watch for the dangers? Do you know what to do if your pet gets a bee sting?

How to tell if your pet has a bee sting

Is your pet acting agitated or whining for no apparent reason? Pawing at or licking a certain spot excessively? These are both good signs that your pet has a fresh bee sting. Since pets explore the world with their nose, mouth and paws these are the places they are most likely to be stung. Check these areas on your pet for swelling, or even a left-behind stinger. If you find a stinger, very gently (preferably with a pair of tweezers) remove it. Be careful not to squeeze it, passing more venom into your pet.

Beware of ground hornets

Not all things with stingers have nests high up! Ground hornets, also known as Yellow Jackets, usually have nests underground. These nests are a big threat to both you and your pet! Dogs and cats will often be attracted to the buzzing or movement these nests can generate and will investigate. A disturbed hornet nest usually results in more than one sting! Hornets often swarm out and attack anything they perceive to be a threat!

Can you give your pet Benadryl?

Yes! But because each animal is different, make it a point to ask your vet at your next visit. Let them help you determine the best emergency dosage should your pet be in need. The average dosage for cats or dogs is .5-2mg per pound. Since your pet may have


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