Ear Problems In Pets: What You Need To Hear

Ear problems in pets are unpleasantly common. From infections to ear mites most pet owners will deal with at least one ear issue during their pet’s lifetime. Know the signs and how to deal with them beforehand to save your pet the itching and pain!

Lend your pets an ear to their struggles with mites and infections!

Ear Mites and Infections

These are the three biggest sources of ear problems in pets. Mistaking one for the other and mistreating it can cause prolonged suffering on your pets behalf! As with any pet ailment, seek professional medical advice from your vet if symptoms persist but use this information to give you and your pet a head start!

  • Ear Mites – These hard to see little buggers are highly contagious but usually not too serious if treated quickly and properly. An infestation in most pets like dogs, cats, or rabbits is characterized by a speckled and sometimes crusty appearance inside the ear. Pets will frequently shake their heads and scratch which can lead to bleeding, scabbing, and bald patches. Large infestations often require a specialised ear wash used regularly for around a week. Small infestations can sometimes be treated by regularly swabbing olive or mineral oil on your pet’s ear with a cotton ball until symptoms disappear. Be careful not to get oil down in  your pet’s ear canal though! A light coat is all that is needed. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean pet bedding and any other place in which mites or their eggs may be.
  • Ear Infections – These can be notably more serious than mites and cause pain. While allergies of some variety are the most common cause of ear infections in pets, be sure to get a proper diagnosis from your vet. Even infections caused by allergies usually need proper medical attention to determine what the source of the allergy is so it can be removed. Signs of an infection can include redness and swelling around the ear, scabs, discharge, and itching. Help prevent infections by drying ears out after baths and swimming and being mindful of allergies your pet may have!

photo credit: Daisy loves her soccer balls and finds them quite chewy. via photopin (license)

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