Pet Names – Choosing The Right Name For Your Pet

How do you go about picking pet names? Do you name them after a favorite hero or character? A physical attribution? Or a personality trait? It seems each personality type uses a different method and pet names can range from the average to the outrageous. Despite your personality type for picking a name, there are some simple tried and true guidelines you should think about.

Do you pick pet names by personality?

  • Don’t take too long to choose a name. As a pet gets used to you and their new home it should also get used to a name. A pet’s name is really the first step in teaching a pet commands. So before you go trying to house break them be sure they know what their name is and when you’re talking to them.
  • Avoid names that sound like commands or other commonly used household words. There probably aren’t many pet names out there that don’t sound like something else but try to limit it if you can. Some examples? Naming a pet anything that rhymes with ‘no’ – Boe, Joe, Moe. Or anything that rhymes with fetch, sit,  or down… you get the point!
  • Keep it short. Sure you may be tempted with pet names like Sir Theadorable Purrsalot (an actual pet name) but that’s a mouthful when they’re jumping on the counter to get to your rapidly vanishing supper. Short names of one to two syllables work best. If you just have to pick extravagant pet names, be sure they are easily adapted into a simple nickname.

Here are some of the most popular pet names for this year to help get your brain working!


photo credit: Can I Go In the A/C? via photopin (license)

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